This morning of Friday, 22 April at the Peace Palace, the Roosevelt Foundation and The Hague Institute for Global Justice are pleased to host the Roosevelt Awards Laureates Event entitled ‘Roosevelt in The Hague,’ chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn.

In the presence of the Laureates who have received a Four Freedoms Award during the Four Freedoms Awards Ceremony yesterday in Middelburg, this event is meant to present each of the Laureates and their field of activities they are working in; they are:


Roosevelt in The Hague 01-

Following the presentations by the Laureates, there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. In the afternoon, The Hague Institute will host four Round Table discussions with experts and practitioners, which will discuss in depth one of the Four Freedoms in the presence of one of the Laureates.

With the event ‘Roosevelt in The Hague‘ the Roosevelt Foundation and The Hague Institute for Global Justice together aim to engage, develop and test policy and educational frameworks that will enable key stakeholders to address the Four Freedoms effectively in our time. The event will inter alia involve the various fields of work of former, present and future Four Freedoms Awards Laureates.

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