From Thursday 31 March till Saturday 2 April 2016, Erik de Baedts, director of the Carnegie Foundation and Sophie Brinkel, policy advisor, visited the town of Dunfermline; the birthplace of the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The idea of the visit was to learn about the different Carnegie institutions in Dunfermline and to discuss future cooperation.

The different Carnegie institutions in Dunfermline are: the Carnegie UK Trust, the Carnegie Hero Fund, Carnegie Dunfermline Trust and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. These institutions are located in Andrew Carnegie House, Pittencrieff Park.

After the introduction into the Carnegie institutions, Erik de Baedts and Sophie Brinkel visited the Andrew Carnegie’s Birthplace Museum which is owned and managed by the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. The museum is located inside the birthplace cottage. It shows the life of Andrew Carnegie from the son of a weaver to a successful business man in steel and philanthropist.

A lot of buildings in Dunfermline are named after Carnegie and were also worth a visit, as for example: the Dunfermline Carnegie Library, Dunfermline Abbey and Carnegie Hall Dunfermline.

Overall, the visit to Andrew Carnegie’s town was very interesting and inspiring.

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