The purple, yellow and white Pro Concordia Labor flag was raised on Wednesday the, 9th of June, at the visitors centre of the Peace Palace. This peace flag is raised once a year at several locations in the world to remember peace activists from the past, f.e. first female Nobel Peace Prize winner Bertha von Suttner, and to stress the important work of peace activists today.

The flag was designed in 1897 by Countess Cora di Brazzà and used by peace activists in the 19th century. Peace workers lacked a single image that unified their work and Countess di Brazza saw this flag as a universal symbol of peace. The flag has three distinct colors, yellow, purple and white, and the text reads “pro Concordia labor” which translates as “for peace I work”.  The colors make it impossible to confuse this flag with any national flag.

This flag was adopted on August 27, 1897 by the Universal Peace Union, and later by the US Chapter of the International Council of Women.

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