Monica Sharma, Founder and Associate Dean International Facilitation Center Aid, India (IFCaid), Silicon Valley Business School, USA

 The Hague Academy of International Law which is located inside the Peace Palace, in The Hague, the "international city of peace and justice" in The Netherlands aspires to be an outstanding Summer School on Public International Law and qualifies as one of the world’s most admired hubs for legal research. It owns a considerable experience in mentoring and tutoring experienced legal researchers and notably demonstrates the track record of training and research achievements.

This unique program has made me think deeply and differently about how public international law works. It aided me to design and elaborate my own analytical framework for conceptualising the most productive interface between international law and intellectual property rights regimes. It helped me to analyse the rapidly changing institutional environment in which international actors, viz. ICJ, ICC, PCA, STL, are generating legal rules relevant to International Law, Human Rights –Intellectual property rightss interplay.

Its vibrant Public International Law program encourages and invites legal policy makers, senior legal career professionals from different legal institutions, eminent academics who have an extensive background in their given fields from around the world and those who wish to conduct comparative research and study at the Peace Palace. An integral segment of the summer course is that it is condensed but thorough programme covering dominant case laws and issues. I could perceive different normative perspectives on issues of global importance.

The research environment at the Peace Palace Library was highly multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral. I had direct access to an extraordinary and fully up-to- date library with the most recent journals and books. The staff at the academy, library and AAA had always been very supportive and kind. Seminars, lectures, directed studies, network of renowned faculty, meetings with Hon’ble Judges of ICJ, ICC, PCA and visits to international organizations and embassies were the pivotal part of the summer programme. Its strong multifaceted environment allowed me to benefit from and take part in the initiatives generated to exchange knowledge, bringing in and drawing fresh ideas and innovative approaches both to traditional and contemporary issues relating to international law. I had worthwhile conversations with the Judges and my fellow participants. From my experience there at the Peace Palace, I can say that I have learnt and developed an everlasting network of people.

Sri Lankan Lawyer- Academy StudentD. Lokupothagama, Lawyer, Sri Lanka

I am a Sri Lankan Lawyer with 19 years of practice and two years of foreign experience as a Legal Researcher in New Zealand.

I must mention in particular that I am from a developing country with a lack of knowledge in International Law. Being a student at The Hague Academy is therefore a highly prized opportunity to get to know the veteran views on contemporary issues in international law as very eminent professors give lectures and seminars. Also, this is a very valuable chance for a young professional to interact with one’s counterpart from all over the globe, share experience and views, and exchange knowledge about recent trends and new methodologies followed in research and justification of practice. This is an eye opener to the versatility of current issues in international law. After I followed this Course, I found out how fast and evolutionary the subject of International Law in the present world truly is. Now that I have gained a deeper understanding of International Law , I will be able to better advise my own Country’s government when international legal issues arise.

Furthermore, I would like to mention the facilities provided by the Peace Palace Library to the participants. The staff members of the library are very helpful in finding solutions to troubles in seconds and render a wonderful service.

I highly appreciate the 2016 Summer Course in Public International Law at The Hague Academy of International Law, because  it is well organized and all the Lecturers are highly qualified Professors in International Law. This Summer Course is a unique and ever memorable experience, not only with regards to my academic interests, but also because of the rich social and cultural activities. Congratulations, best wishes and a heartfelt thank you to The Hague Academy, the City of The Hague and each and every one of my fellow participants.

Kofi.Academy Student 2016Kofi Nagno M’Beou, Juriste, Diplomate, ministère des Affaires étrangères, de la Coopération et de l’Intégration africaine du Togo

Dès qu’on m’a annoncé que ma candidature a été retenue, j’étais excité à l’idée de voir ce jour vite arriver car me retrouver à l’Académie de droit international de la Haye, Terre du droit international, a constitué pour moi la réalisation d’un rêve, celui de tout juriste, que j’ai cru, à un moment donné, ne pouvoir réaliser.

J’ai donc eu l’occasion de passer six semaines extraordinaires au cours desquelles j’ai rencontré, en dehors de l’exercice passionné de dispense des cours très riches et pleins d’enseignements auquel se sont pliés d’éminents mais humbles professeurs de droit international, différents auditeurs venus d’horizons divers et de différentes cultures avec lesquels j’ai, heureusement, pu nouer des amitiés puis discuter de projets communs.

C’est l’occasion de renouveler une fois de plus tous mes remerciements à l’équipe dirigeante de l’Académie de droit international ainsi qu’à l’organisation des Nations Unies, à travers son programme de bourses de perfectionnement en droit  international des Nations Unies dont je suis un des lauréats, qui ont rendu ces moments inoubliables.

Ils ont, en effet, su cocoter, en collaboration avec l’Association des anciens auditeurs et la Fondation africaine  de droit international, un programme alléchant alliant activités intellectuelles et culturelles.

J’ai, par ailleurs, eu l’occasion de profiter, dans une perspective de travaux scientifiques, de la diversité et de l’énorme richesse didactique de la bibliothèque de l’Académie de droit international dotée d’une collection en droit international incomparable.

Ces moments uniques constituent une expérience extraordinaire que j’aimerais à tout prix renouveler.

Kimberly Graham - Academy Student 2016Kimberley Graham, Master of Environmental Law, The University of Sydney

Studying at The Hague Academy of International Law is a really exceptional experience. It is a privilege to learn from, and to have such close contact with, many eminent professors, judges and diplomats. The quality of the courses and activities are of a very high standard and with the backdrop of the Peace Palace and the numerous International Organisations located in The Hague, it is a unique and welcoming place to study International Law. A highlight for me was the General Course taught by ICJ Judge Bennouna, which delved into the discussion of ‘between the Letter and the Spirit’. And with 300 students from 90 nationalities taking part in the lectures and seminars, it really feels like a dynamic and evolving understanding of international law is taking place. For me, the multi-lingual, multi-cultural study environment is really exciting and exchanging ideas with so many people from different countries is also a highlight of the Summer School. The Peace Palace Library has an incredible collection of resources available to students and it remains a tranquil place for study and research. The staff at The Hague Academy are all very lovely, helpful and accommodating: you can be sure that everything you want or need is taken care of. Thank you to the Secretary –General Mr. Yves Daudet, the staff at the Hague Academy, the library staff, the professors, activity hosts and the student association for providing such a an inspirational program that contributes towards the important vision of international peace and unity."

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