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During and leading up to the Summer Courses of the Hague Academy, the Peace Palace Library ensures that the Reading Materials for the courses for each professor are made available through the e-learning environment of the website of the Hague Academy of International Law. Read more on the Hague’s Academy’s electronic learning environment and how to use it.

The Hague Academy’s e-learning platform is an electronic learning environment where students can access the Reading  Materials regarding the obligatory readings, recommended readings, the reference lists and additional information on the courses and seminars of each Professor. By having all these materials at your disposal, the Peace Palace Library makes it possible for the students to prepare well in advance. How exactly does one access this e-learning website? By now, each student has received an email from the Library’s webteam containing a username, a password and the link: https://www.hagueacademy.nl/e-learning/.

After logging in, you will find an overview of all the names of the professors that will participate in this year’s Summer Courses. By clicking on a professor you’ll find the documents containing the full texts of the Necessary Readings as well as Recommended Readings and a list of Further Readings. Noteworthy is that the Peace Palace Library will only scan a maximum of 100 pages due to copyright laws.

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