SSC online is a legal database containing an enormous collection of legal materials from India as well as from other countries. SCC Online extensively covers cases of the Indian Supreme Court (1969 onwards), Privy Council (1872-1949), all Indian High Courts, Central Statues, Rules and Regulations, statute law , a huge number of scholarly articles and Secondary Legal Materials such as all twelve volumes of Constituent Assembly Debates as well as  reports of the law commission of India. In addition to an extensive database of Indian case law, SCC Online also offers International materials, including law decisions & judgments of Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Bangladesh, South Africa & West Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, United Kingdom, Supreme Court Judgments of the United States & Canada, judgments of WIPO (Domain Name Decisions) from 2002 onwards, Tribunals, International law and Human Rights Treaties and Conventions. This database is published by the publisher of renowned law report Supreme Court Cases (SCC) which, at the present moment, can be considered the most relied upon law report for judgments of the Supreme Court of India.

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