The Syrian civil war is an ongoing multi-sided armed conflict in Syria in which international interventions have taken place. Violence has escalated amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the war. Individuals and units are believed to be responsible for crimes against humanity, breaches of international humanitarian law and gross human rights violations. We have created a Library special on this topic in order to provide you easy access to our collection.

Syria Crisis: Selective Bibliography

This bibliographic survey is intended to provide information for international lawyers and law students on materials concerning the current crisis in Syria The survey is exclusively based on materials available in the Peace Palace Library, The Hague. It includes books, articles, book-items, inaugural lectures, dissertations and reports, both in print and electronic format. Items are listed only once, under their most appropriate heading.


Arab Spring, History, Politics and Government

Keywords: Arab Spring, History, Non-State actors, Politics and Government, Revolutions, Sectarianism

International Response to the Conflict

Keywords: Diplomacy, International politics, Intervention, Israel, Peace initiatives, Responsibility to Protect doctrine, The West, Turkey

Applicable Law

Keywords: Chemical weapons, Civil war, Geneva conventions, International humanitarian law, International human rights law, International criminal law, Non-international armed conflicts, Warfare

Impact of the Conflict

Keywords:  Cultural heritage, Deaths, Disease, Humanitarian questions, Migration, Refugees

This bibliographic survey is compiled and updated by R. Steenhard. If you have any suggestions or questions about this bibliography, please don't hesitate to ask the librarian:

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