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UN Peacemaker is part of the UN’s overall effort to provide advice and support to the Secretary-General and his Representatives in their efforts to resolve international disputes and internal conflicts. It is also intended to be useful to UN partners actively engaged in peacemaking efforts, including Member States, regional organisations, civil society, non-governmental organisations and national mediators.

The website offers key tools and resources such as:
- A comprehensive database of more than 750 peace agreements. Users can access the full texts of the agreements in different languages and can use different search criteria, including searching by a number of different thematic issues;
- Guidance documents on mediation;
- Information on UN mediation support activities and services;
- A library of selected literature on key mediation issues (e.g. power-sharing, wealth-sharing, constitutional issues, mediation processes and strategies etc.).

The website and database UN Peacemaker is also accessible via the Peace Palace Research Guide International Peace and Security.

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