For our Arabic reading clients we have a really special acquisition to announce. In 2011, the Peace Palace Library started to build an Arabic, Persian and Turkish Law collection. Since then, we have added some 3000 items to our catalogue.You can find them dispersed through the catalogue according to their subjects. This 9 volume 'Encyclopedia of Islamic International Law', written by Suhayl Husayn al Fatlawi and published in Amman by Dar al Thaqafa in 2014, is a comparative study with Public International Law.

Volume 1 “The Principles of Islamic International Law” treats the concept, the sources -  Quran, Sunna, treaties, justice and fairness – and general principles, a.o. customary law.

Volume 2  “The Morality in Prophet Mohammad Diplomacy” explains the legal position of the Prophet, his morality, the direction of the international relations, in particular with other religions, treaties, the settlement of international disputes and his immunities and privileges.

Volume 3 “International Legal Personality in Islam” is about the Islamic State, legal personality for Non-States, Non-Islamic groups and individuals.

Volume 4 “The principles of Human Rights in Islam” enumerates all human rights, political and social rights, the rights of the child and women and the actual situation in Islamic countries.

Volume 5 “Islamic International relations” covers the history of international political relations, the means of diplomacy, negotiations, mediation, the pacific settlement of disputes, arbitration, international courts, and the position of foreigners in Islamic countries.

Volume 6 “International Humanitarian Law in Islam” explains the concept, sources and application of humanitarian law in armed conflict, when violence is permitted and when it is unlawful, also in relation to individuals (apostacy, prostitution).

Volume 7 “Child Rights in Islam” reviews the position of children in Islam, before and after birth, in the family, their personal status, education, health, social rights, safety, also in armed conflict.

Volume 8 “Woman Rights in Islam” discusses the social rights of women, to work and education, her position within marriage, dower and maintenance, polygamy and the political rights, equality and also the limits of her freedoms.

Volume 9 “Islamic International Organization” talks about pan-islamism and its promoters, the Arab League, Islamic Conference Organization, and what they want to accomplish.

The entire series is laced with verses from the Holy Quran and the only thing missing is an index. We hope that the lawyers interested in comparative law  will  be inspired to start their legal research to see where the differences and similarities are with the classic public international law.

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