Bergsmo, M., Rackwitz, K. and Tianying, S. (eds.), Historical Origins of International Criminal Law, Brussels, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2017.

Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP) in Brussels has published a new (e-)book :

Historical Origins of International Criminal Law (Vol.5), edited by Morten Bergsmo, Klaus Rackwitz and Song Tianying.

Editors' Preface:
"This book seeks to make two contributions. First, the development of national capacity to investigate and prosecute core international crimes–genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression–will continue for several decades into the future. (...) The book has been organised in four autonomous parts:
Part I contains 41 individual expert opinions on investigations, prosecutions and questions of management, staffing and operations;
Part II has three reports produced by groups of experts;
Part III concerns the draft Code of Conduct and Regulations of the Office of the Prosecutor;
Part IV explains some aspects of its first budget.
(...) The second contribution we seek to make with this book is to open up this interesting interregnum to analysis and research, based on sound facts chronicled by first-hand materials. As such, the book contributes towards the institutional history of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor at the time of its birth. It is for this reason that the book appears as Volume 5 of Historical Origins of International Criminal Law."

Also worth mentioning are volume III and Volume IV in the Series: Historical origins of international criminal law, edited by Morten Bergsmo, Cheah Wui Ling, Song Tianying and Yi Ping.

The Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP) is named after late Professor Torkel Opsahl (1931-1993), a leading international and constitutional law expert in Europe and one of the early pillars of the human rights systems of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. The TOAEP furthers the objective of excellence in research, scholarship and education by publishing worldwide through the Internet. As a non-profit publisher, it is firmly committed to open access publishing. It actively seeks to make its publications freely available to those interested in them, particularly in materially less resourceful countries. The publisher has four publications series: the Publication Series, the Policy Brief Series, the Occasional Paper Series and the Law of the Future Series. All publications are made freely available as PDF files with persistent URLs through its website. From most of the TOAEP publications you can find reviews here.

The TOAEP is affiliated to the Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP), two main departments of which are: the Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law (FICHL) and the Case Matrix Network (CMN).

The Peace Palace Library wishes to thank the Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher for donating all new books on print. The books are piece by piece valuable additions to the library collection.

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