Since 2011 we have built an extensive collection of law books in the Arabic language. The books come from diverse countries, from Mauritania and Morocco to Egypt and Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq to Yemen and Oman. The main topics we’ve selected are: public international law, international criminal law, Islamic law (almost 400 titles), national positive law and related subjects.

In our Arabic collection you will find issues concerning human rights, the rights of women, children and minorities, freedom of religion, slavery, borders, humanitarian law, water, the Nile, constitutional law, the Islamic state, electoral law, Islamic criminal law, corruption, medical ethics, family law, commercial law, inheritance law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, etc. You will find also comparative studies between Islamic and positive law, contemporary collections of fatwas and judgments and to a lesser extent books on international relations, history and political issues, such as the Arab Spring and the civil war in Syria.

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Research guide Islamic Law

This Research guide is intended as a starting point for research on Islamic Law. It provides the basic legal materials available in the Peace Palace Library, both in print and electronic format. Handbooks, leading articles, bibliographies, periodicals, serial publications and documents of interest are presented in the Selective Bibliography section. Links to the PPL Catalogue are inserted. The Library's classification index code 346. Works on the Law of Oriental Countries and on Islamic Law and subject heading (keyword) Islamic Law are instrumental for searching through the Catalogue. Special attention is given to our subscriptions on databases, e-journals, e-books and other electronic resources. Finally, this Research Guide features links to relevant websites and other online resources of particular interest.

Library special Syria Crisis: Humanitarian Law, Warfare, Refugees

The Syrian civil war is an ongoing multi-sided armed conflict in Syria in which international interventions have taken place. Violence has escalated amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the war. Individuals and units are believed to be responsible for crimes against humanity, breaches of international humanitarian law and gross human rights violations. We have created a Library special on this topic in order to provide you easy access to our collection. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the librarian:

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Librarian's choice

A selection of relevant publications from the Peace Palace Library collection

1. al-Ḥuqūq wa-al-ḥurriyyāt al-siyāsiyya

al-Ḥuqūq wa-al-ḥurriyyāt al-siyāsiyya : quyūduhā wa-ḍamānātuhā fī al-dustūr al-Miṣrī wa-al-šarīʻa al-Islāmiyya bayna al-naẓariyya wa-al-taṭbīq : dirāsa muqārina / taʼlīf D. Muḥammad Maḥmūd Maḥmūd Naṣīrī. - al-Ǧīza, Ǧumhūriyyat Miṣr al-ʿArabiyya : Dār al-Mašriq al-ʻArabī, 2014. - 487 pages. ; 24 cm Includes bibliographical references (pages 459-483). - 2014
Keywords: Egypt, Constitutional law, Islamic law, Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Freedom of expression, Civil and political rights, Legal theory, Legal history

2. al-Uṣūl al-farʻiyya li-al-tašrīʻ fī al-maḏhab al-Mālikī min ḵilāl mudawwanat al-Ṭāhir Ibn ʻĀšūr

al-Uṣūl al-farʻiyya li-al-tašrīʻ fī al-maḏhab al-Mālikī min ḵilāl mudawwanat al-Ṭāhir Ibn ʻĀšūr / d. ʻĀrif ʻUlaymī. - al-Qāhira : Ruʼya li-al-Našr wa-al-Tawzīʻ, 2014. - 503 pages. ; 22 cm Includes bibliographical references (pages 474-494). - 2014
Keywords: Islamic countries, Tunesia, Fiqh, Islamic decrees, Islamic law, Legal theory, Legal history

3. al-Dalālāt ʻinda al-uṣūliyyīn wa-aṯaruhā fī al-nuṣūṣ al-mutaʻalliqa bi-ǧarāʼim al-ḥudūd

al-Dalālāt ʻinda al-uṣūliyyīn wa-aṯaruhā fī al-nuṣūṣ al-mutaʻalliqa bi-ǧarāʼim al-ḥudūd / al-duktūr ʻAbbās Sulaymān ʻUlwān Sulaymān. - Wad Madanī : Gāmiʻat al-Ǧazīra, Maʻhad Islām al-Maʻrifa, Imām, 2011. - 282 pages. ; 23 cm. - (Silsilat al-rasāʼil al-ǧāmiʻiyya ; 6) Includes bibliographical references. - 2011
Keywords: Sudan, Criminal law, Evidence, Legal hermeneutics and legal interpretation, Islamic law, Islam

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