Kosuke Onishi, LL.M Student at Leiden University, the Netherlands, PhD Candidate at Doshisha University, Japan

I have been frequenting the Peace Palace Library since last September and yet I still find myself straining my neck to look up at the structure of the Peace Palace every time. The building reminds me of the significance of everything that I am learning about and puts me in the proper mindset to conduct research. On certain days, such as the day of writing, I have been lucky enough to cross paths with giants in the field who are either coming out of hearings at the Court or are embarking on their own research at the Library.

My first interactions with the Peace Palace Library consisted of sifting through their online catalogue of sources from Kyoto, Japan. I would search for key words and get a comprehensive list of virtually every authority relating to my interests; a useful tool for compiling a working bibliography. Now that I am studying in The Hague, all of these sources are at my fingertips. Requesting books is simple and easy, and the fact that the sources are delivered to the front desk saves me time and allows me to concentrate on my work. These amenities add up over the course of a day allowing me some of the most productive hours that I have ever had.

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