The Summer Courses of The Hague Academy are in full gear and on July 30th, we welcomed another group of 350 students for the Private International Law Session of The Hague Academy. As always, the Library plays a central role in the life of many a student throughout their stay at the Academy.  For this reason, we would like to  introduce you to our Summer Assistants who will work at the main desk in the Reading Room and who will try their hardest to make you feel welcome and at home each time you enter the Library.


Sheila Turabaz (25) LL.M

Dutch-Afghan Lawyer

International Commercial and Company Law

Working as a Summer Assistant for the Peace Palace Library is something I thoroughly enjoy doing next to my position as Corporate Legal Counsel at an IT company and as a reporter for Diplomat Magazine. Every week,  I look forward to Wednesday — which usually is my day off — but which I now (because of the Academy courses) gladly spend working at the Library while at the same time meeting so many talented and inspiring international law aficionados from various parts of the world. The Peace Palace holds a special place in my heart. I first started working for the Carnegie Foundation in 2014 at the Visitors’ Centre when I was a Bachelor’s student of Law at Leiden University. In 2016, I was able to actually work inside the Palace as an Assistant to the Secretary-General at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) for a half year, which was a wonderful experience! Following my employment at the PCA, I was offered the opportunity to follow a four-month internship at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) before resuming my studies again to obtain my Master’s degree in Commercial and Company Law.

The Peace Palace is truly a fantastic place and I always feel an air of enthusiasm and idealism whenever I’m there. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience working for these organizations, I’m always open for a chat :-).

Image by Sandra Zegarra Patow.


Carla Loghin

International Student, The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Hello everyone, I am Carla Loghin and I am an international student coming from Bucharest, Romania. I am studying International and European Law Programme at The Hague University for three years already, but during this Summer I am working at The Peace Palace Library. During the week, I am either welcoming you from the Library’s Front Desk, or help gathering relevant titles for the Bibliography of The Research Centre of The Hague Academy of International Law.

Since the context of my studies is highly international and I have always been open to sharing ideas and debating, I am eager to meet the students of the Academy and discuss our common interest, international law.

If you have any questions, you would like some insight into the student experience in the Hague, or just want to make a new friend, do not hesitate to say ‘Hello’!

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