This Summer, the Peace Palace Library accepted a book donation from Brazil titled: “Empresas, Direitos Humanos e Gênero: desafios e perspectivas na proteção e no empoderamento da mulher pelas empresas transnacionais”.  The author, Professor Ana Cláudia Ruy Cardia, attended The Hague Academy for the third time and now teaches Private International Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil. In addition, she is also a practicing lawyer in São Paulo. Her publication deals with Transnational Corporations, Human Rights and Gender Issues. Read the Abstract of her publication here.

On a planet where, out of the 100 largest world economies, approximately 49 are States and 51 are companies, issues involving the form of participation of these actors in society are increasingly latent. How to deal with tragic events involving companies and individuals? How not to allow new atrocities to happen again? International society has efforts to restrain the activities of companies violating human rights. Initiatives led by the UN, as well as by other international law subjects, have established a role of protection of human rights by transnational corporations. Within this universe of initiatives, some questions arise: how can such actions be reconciled with women’s empowerment in those companies? How to ensure equal wages, parity promotion opportunities and better living conditions for the group formed by women? These are the main questions, whose answers, still in constant construction, are in this work.

The book is available is the Peace Palace Library. For more information please email:

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