On Saturday October 13th, 2018, the second “Hagologie” course took place in the Peace Palace Library. This course is part of a series of lectures concerning the history of the city of The Hague, also addressing i.a. the Binnenhof or the Schilderswijk. Mr. Jeroen Vervliet, Peace Palace Library Director, highlighted again the development of The Hague as City of Peace and Justice since Hugo Grotius, Tobias Asser, Bertha von Suttner and the construction of Andrew Carnegie’s Temple of Peace, eventually the Peace Palace, where arbitration as conducted by the Permanent Court of Arbitration and adjudication as administered by the International Court of Justice contributed over the 20th century till the day of today to the role of The Hague as legal capital of the world.

Mr. Benoît Cordonnier, the great grandson of Louis Cordonnier, the architect of the Peace Palace, was accompanied by his wife Tina and visited the Peace Palace on Saturday October 13th, 2018, in the afternoon. Benoît Cordonnier, the first in the Cordonnier-genealogy who is not an architect, now has started to describe the architectural legacy of the Cordonnier-family. He studied architectural designs from our archives, pointed at similarities between the various buildings having Louis Cordonnier’s signature, and told interesting stories about letters of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina written to his great-grandfather and about Czar Nicolas II,  who stranded in the Cordonnier’s family mansion and thanked the family by thereafter donating the Czar Nicalas II-bridge that crosses a pond in front of the house. In addition of designing the Peace Palace, Louis Cordonnier designed numerous buildings in the north of France,  including churches, a villa and other well-known buildings such as the town hall in Dunkirk and the Old Stock Exchange in Lille, France.

After an international architectural competition for the Peace Palace was held, Mr. Louis Cordonnier's neo-classical design was selected (1906) as the winning design. The built of the 'Peace Temple'  started in 1907 and was finished in the Summer of 1913. On August 28, 1913, when the Peace Palace opened its doors, Mr. Louis Cordonnier was in attendance among the many prominent guests.

On the occasion of his visit, Benoît Cordonnier donated a commemorative medal of his great-grandfather to the archives of the Carnegie Foundation.

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