On Tuesday November 6 , the Embassy of Israel, Brill Publishers, the Rosenne family and the Peace Palace Library will organize the annual Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture. This year. Judge Christopher Greenwood, former judge at the International Court of Justice (ICJ)  and current Judge at the Iran-US Claims Tribunal,  will deliver the Lecture titled 'The contribution of the International Court of Justice to International Humanitarian Law'. This event will take place in the Academy Building of the Peace Palace at 18.00 hrs and will be preceded by a Book Fair by Brill-Nijhoff. Admission will be restricted to those who confirm their attendance in advance. Please RSVP by November 1 to rsvpisraelinnl@gmail.com.

Program Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture

Date: Tuesday November 6

Venue: The Peace Palace (Academy Building) - The Hague

16.30 Coffee and Brill-Nijhoff Book Fair (including International Humanitarian Law Series. Editors Timothy L.H. McCormack and Christopher Greenwoord)

18.00 Opening and Memorial Lecture

19.30 Closure and Launch of The Companion to International Humanitarian Law, edited by Niccolo Pons and Drazan Djukic (IHUL Series, Volume 55)


On the day of the event, please bring with you a valid ID Card or Passport. Without valid ID you will not be allowed to enter the Peace Palace Premises.

The Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lectures are an initiative of Alan Stephens, Professor Rosenne's Literary Executor.

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