Every year, a topic of international concern is decided by The Hague Academy of International Law for the Centre for Studies and Research. This is how the process of bringing together some of the most distinguished legal minds from all over the world starts. Legal scholars, professionals, academics, professors, they all get together in the City of Peace and Justice in order to brainstorm, research and write on a topic of world-wide concern.

This years’ topic, is ‘International Inspections’. Encompassing a wide international law range, such as human rights inspections and monitoring, to verification of environmental commitments, shipping and cargo inspections, to analyzing the inspections within economic actors World Bank’s Inspection Panel and finally pondering upon the efficiency of such regimes, their accountability and the role of various actors involved in such processes, the Directors of Research, Prof. Christian J. Tams (University of Glasgow) & Dr. Anne-Laure Chaumette (Paris Nanterre University), supervise and coordinate the writings of the young international lawyers.

The distinguished participants of the Centre for Studies and Research spend three weeks in The Hague, (mostly) at the Peace Palace Library, which works in collaboration with The Hague Academy. Thus, the Peace Palace Library provides the participants of the Centre an extensive and constantly updated bibliography, suited for the students’ particular research topic and assists them throughout their research process, facilitating their writing performance.

The Hague Academy of International Law, together with The Peace Palace Library seek to expand the views of the legal community and facilitate the spread of international law and justice. The best contributions on the topic of ‘International Inspections’ are selected for the Academy Centre Publication and kept at the Peace Palace Library.

For further information about the theme of ‘International Inspections’, you are kindly invited to access the following recent post of the Peace Palace Library:

For more information about the application guidelines and the Programme of the Centre, please visit the website of The Hague Academy of International Law here:

By Carla Loghin

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