This month we would like to mention another Book Donation from Brazil, this time by Mr. Wiliander França Salomão who donated four books to the Peace Palace Library.  Mr. Salomão is a professor and lawyer with expertise about the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts and the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Salomão has written eight books about  the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both in Portuguese as well as in English. At the moment, Mr.  Salomão is preparing his upcoming book about the United Arab Emirates for next year. Mr. Salomão obtained his PhD and Master in International Law at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-MG) in Brazil. He is a professor of Public International Law and Human Rights at the University of Itauna, in Brazil. Mr. Salomão also attended the Summer Course of the Hague Academy of International Law in July 2016 (Public Law) where he also particpated in the  Academy's  Model United Nations regarding  the topic 'Keep space for peace'. In addition, Mr. Salomão was a participant in the United Nations Module for Africa and the Middle East in Tunisia in July 2017 and attended the International Security Course at Clingendael Institute in The Hague in November 2017. Read the abstract of his publications here:

The Abstracts of the Publications donated by Mr. Wiliander França Salomão :

Conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians: the trajectory of historical facts and international law.

This title presents the whole history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the ancient times until the present day. A thorough analyzes is provided for the Two State Solution and includes all historical moments that embrace those facts, such as the Partition Plan, the first Israeli-Arab war, the question of Jerusalem, the occupied territories, refugees, the peace plans and many other relevant moments in history.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Code of Treaties and Laws

This is the first publication meant as a Code of Laws and Treaties, a collection including the main facts, treaties, resolutions and laws that have been made since before the begining of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This book provides helpful information about the most important documents which have been produced almost a century ago until the present day.

It's a collection of international documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian struggle for their state. These documents include among others: The Hague Convention on the Laws and Customs of Land Warfare (1907) Agreement Hussein-McMahon (1915) Sykes-Picot Agreements (1916) Balfour Declaration (1917) Resolution San Remo (1920) British Mandate on Palestine (1922) Treaty of Peace of Lausanne (1923) Sharing Plan of the Peel Commission (1937) Letter from the Arab League (1945) Charter of the United Nations (1945) Resolution 181 of the United Nations General Assembly (1947) Declaration of Independence of Israel (1948) IV Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilians in Times of War (1949) Resolution 303 of the United Nations General Assembly (1949) Palestinian National Charter (PLO) (1964) Resolution of Khartoum (1967) Basic Law of the State of Israel - the Army (1976) Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel (1979) Declaration of Independence of the State of Palestine (1988)

Israel & Palestine: a two-state solution

This publication aims to analyze  both the self-determination rights of Israeli's  and Palestinians over that land, is the historical, political and legal ties of the Palestinian and Israeli people that give them the right to live in the territory.  The connection of the Two State Solution as a main base and the international recognition of those both rights. The book highlights how International Law recognizes the right of existence by historical connections of both Jews and Arabs after concluding several international documents, including the British Mandate, the UN partition plan, the Oslo Accords, United Nations resolutions and many others that according to internationallaw fully grant both parties claims over the land, based on each party's right to  self determination which resulted in the Two State Formula by the United Nations.

The book of Palestine

When Yasser Arafat first went to speak at the United Nations General Assemby, he said that he came “bearing an olive branch in one hand and a freedom fighter´s gun in the other”. He concluded: "don´t let the olive branch fall from my hand”. During the last decades, the olive branch lived together with the gun, at the same time. Sometimes the olive branch fell on the ground, sometimes it did not. The book is about the history of the Palestinian people to have their State during the period of the Ottoman Empire, the Arab Resistence, World War I, the United Nations partition plan and all aspects of the current Palestinian government, bilateral relations with the States, internal political structure and the support by other Arab Nations support, the status of the city of Jerusalem according to the international law. The book provides the entire dimension of the ancient and modern history of Palestine, especially after being recognized as a Non-Observer State at the United Nations when after that the so-called State of Palestine was recognized as a soverign nation by more then 100 States around the world and have been admitted as a Member-State of  UNESCO and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

The Peace Palace Library would like to express its gratitude and appreciation in response to Mr. Wiliander França Salomão;s  generous book donations which helps us to create a resource-rich Library. We thank you for your support. 

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