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From January 2nd, the Peace Palace Library will be using a new library automation system. In this blog you will find how services will change for its users.


First of all, the PPL catalogue (OPAC) still can be used to search and find publications. When you have found a publication there will be a link (logo) to our new discovery system. This link replaces the “plinklet” link. Click on to place a hold (lending request).

Using Discovery for the first time: every user must enter a new password

We are not able to migrate your password to our new discovery system. Therefore you have to set a password yourself the first time you use discovery.

You have to use the barcode on your library card as User Name. A mail will be sent to you for confirmation of your password.

New Discovery system is also a catalogue

Our new Discovery system can also be used to search and find publications. First you will be asked to login (or to continue as guest). After you've entered a query, you will get a list of PPL publications that can be borrowed or accessed online. It is possible to extend your search to Libraries worldwide and to change the sorting order of the list of results.

When you have found a publication you can “get it” by clicking on a button. There are three different buttons:

Place Hold leads you to a screen in which you can submit a loan request. The other two will open a new window in which the online accessible publication will be showed. If you did not login yet you will be asked to login.

Online accessible publications

We have configured online access for the new Discovery system. If you cannot access a publication please let us know. Send a mail to

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