The designers behind the great artworks of the Peace Palace are part of a new research project by the Carnegie Foundation. Amongst these designers was Herman Rosse – the youngest, least-experienced of them all – yet his artworks cover the largest surface area of the building. His work here was the start of a wondrous career that would lead him to an Oscar.

We followed his tracks, from several archives to his children, to find out more about the man behind the most impressive artwork of the Peace Palace.

Just 24 years old, the Hague-born Herman Rosse was selected to design the interior of a building which would come to embody the collective desire for peace by countries from all over the world. This was not an easy task, especially for someone so young. However, Herman was no ordinary young man; by the age of 24 he had already studied under a leading designer in the Arts & Crafts movement in London, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in the United States, been part of an artists’ commune and had travelled to the Far East. He was a man with ambition, a vast artistic experience and the talent to do great things. It would eventually lead him to becoming the first Dutchman ever to win an Oscar.

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