Dear Library users,

Two weeks ago we have sent you an invitation to participate in a user survey with the aim to get a better understanding of your usage of the various services of the Library. If you already filled out the questionnaire, we like to thank you for that. If you did not yet fill out the questionnaire, may we kindly ask you to do this? The survey centers around three key questions:

  • How do you use the Peace Palace Library?
  • Which services of the library do you use?
  • What are your information needs?

Filling out the online questionnaire will take 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Please click here to access the online survey:

The results will be used to develop the future policies of the Peace Palace Library (PPL). This survey is a part of a larger study that is commanded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which subsidizes the library via the Carnegie Foundation. The outcomes of the survey will be published in a forthcoming newsletter of PPL.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Peace Palace Library Staff

P.S. The user survey is carried out by Maurits van der Graaf of Pleiade Management & Consultancy. If you have questions regarding the survey, please contact him at

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