The 23rd and the 24th of May, the semi-finals of the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition will be held at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden University Campus The Hague.  And on the 25th of May, the final will be held in the Great Hall of Justice at the Peace Palace.

But who was this Mr. Telders? And why is there a Moot Court Competition in his memory?

B.M. (Benjamin Marius) Telders was from 1931 a professor in International Law at Leiden University. During the German occupation in The Netherlands in 1940, he and his colleague R.P. Cleveringa protested and agitated against the sacking of his Jewis colleagues at Leiden University. This resulted in his arrest by the occupiers and his incarceration in a number of prisons and concentration camps, the last one being Bergen-Belsen, where he succumbed to Typhus just before the camp was liberated.

In his memory, the Telders Moot Court Competition is held and the 42nd Edition is this year.

While the event is stressful and challenging, it is a great lesson and training for aspiring practitioners in the field of International Law.

The final will be held at the Peace Palace on Saturday the 25th of May and actual Judges from the ICJ will play the role of Judge in this "Case".

Students listening to Professor Niels Blokker's welcome speech

We wish all participating teams, the judges, the organizing staff and all others an enjoyable moot court.

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