On Thursday 13 June, the congress 'Peace Education for the Protection of World Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Yemen'is being held at the Peace Palace. The World Forum for the Culture of Peace, organized by the Al-Babtain Foundation in partnership with the International Peace Institute and Leiden University, brings together government leaders, UN officials, academics, and members of civil society and grassroots organizations to discuss the Culture of Peace, Education and the Protection of World Heritage in Iraq and Yemen.

Participants will discuss the following issues:

  • What is the role of the international community in protecting world heritage in Iraq and Yemen?
  • What concrete projects can be established to move forward with building a sustainable peace in the Middle East region?
  • How can peace education best be incorporated into the post-conflict plans for sustaining peace in Iraq and Yemen?
  • How can investment in post-conflict reconstruction and recovery best assist the Iraqi and Yemeni people with the long-term protection of their cultural heritage? And how will this help build an inclusive, sustainable peace in the region?

Discussions will provide analysis on how to make the culture of peace a practical and tangible reality, suggest concrete projects, and identify real solutions to current challenges.

See also the website World Forum for the Culture of Peace of Leiden University

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