Dear Library user,

Stacks acces and retrieval will be restricted for the coming period due to construction works on the concrete floors. Please, be aware that for several parts of the collection no requests can be handled for some time.


stage 1 - materials available again

According to the construction firm's schedule from next week (week 43) onwards, stacks containing

Block 1, 26: Microfilm collection, duplicate collection UN documents, state papers

Block 2: Large book formats

Block 3-6, 25: Lesser used periodicals

Block 21: Brochures

Block 22: Intergovernmental periodicals

Block 23: Stacknumbers starting with CJ, CJ-P, CJ-S, CJ-X, CJ-Z

Block 24: UN documents

Block 27: P 2218 UNTS, League of Nations collection, Y numbers, Z numbers


stage 2 - 21 OCTOBER-5 NOVEMBER: materials unavailable

From next week (week 43) the construction firm is going to wrapped shelves and racks. From Monday, 21 October until (±) Tuesday 5 November (week 45) the following collections cannot be (easily) accessed:

Block 7-9: Recent and most used periodicals, core collection periodicals.

Block 18-19: Book series starting with S numbers


stage 3 - 5-19 NOVEMBER: materials unavailable

From week 45 (Monday 4 November) the construction firm is going to wrap the shelves and racks in the 4th segment until Tuesday 19 November, and the following collections cannot be reached:

Block 10-12, 17-16: all monographs, multi-authored volumes and other ordinary books holding stack numbers such as 61 D 2, 276 B 42, 457 C 13, 531 E 25 etc.


stage 4 - Completion is scheduled for 20 November


Apologies beforehand. Please do not hesitate to ask about the Peace Palace Library services.

We recommend you to timely file your request for pulling books etc, esp. stage 3 materials.


Yours truly,

Jeroen Vervliet, Peace Palace Library Director

16 October 2019,

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