On January 19, 2021,   professor José E. Alvarez of New York University  was invited by Kings College London to give a webinar on the new Biden Administration and International Law. The Lecture was based on a paper professor Alvarez presented at the annual meeting of the  Canadian Council of International Law in November 2020.

In the webinar, professor Alvarez discussed the attempts that the new Biden Administration’s will most likely make to restore respect for international law and how its institutions will be  constrained by eight foreign policy trends that will outlast President Trump:

  1. A preference for alternatives to new multilateral treaties;
  2. A more hostile approach towards China;
  3. Deep skepticism of the world trading system;
  4. Reliance on punishing ‘bad’ actors through trade sanctions;
  5. Circumspection towards the UN system;
  6. Avoidance of most international courts and tribunals;
  7. Aversion to ‘never-ending’ wars and resistance to humanitarian use of force (RIP for R2P);
  8. ‘Ironclad’ commitments to Israel’s security.  While Biden will moderate each of these, his international law ‘restoration’ will be tempered.  It will not consist of a return to the Obama-era status quo.

Please click the link below to read the full text of the article on the website of the Institute for International Law and Justice of NYU Law School.

International Law in a Biden Administration by Professor José Alvarez


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