• Russian Vase Peace Palace

    Centenary Poetry Series: Masseurs of Peace

    News and events - May 3, 2013

    This month we present another peace poem titled ‘Masseurs of Peace’ from our Centenary poetry series by Ms. Hanneke Eggels.

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  • Kimberly Bautista

    Interview: Kimberly Bautista on ‘Justice for my Sister’, a Documentary Film on Sexual Violence Against Women in Guatamala

    News and events - April 5, 2013

    During this year’s ‘Movies that Matter Film Festival’ the Peace Palace Library had the opportunity to interview the Award Winning documentary filmmaker Kimberly Bautista. Her film ‘Justice for my Sister’ deals with sexual violence against women in Guatamala and focusses in particular on the issue of Femicide (the killings of women) and the ongoing struggle women face in the Guatamalan criminal justice system that is plagued by impunity and mistrust of law enforcement officials.

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  • Michele Hou

    Library User in the Spotlight: Michele Hou

    News and events - April 5, 2013

    Last month, the Peace Palace Library welcomed Michele Hou, a librarian from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva to visit our Library for a week to exchange knowledge and experience of working in an International Law Library. Fortunately, it turned out to be a rewarding experience for us as well as for Michele. Find out what she had to say about our Library.

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  • Erasmus Statue in the Peace Palace Garden. Photo collection Carnegie Foundation

    Peace Poem ‘Fan of Freedom’, by Hanneke Eggels

    News and events - March 31, 2013

    Hanneke Eggels, a Dutch peace poet, who we interviewed last October has kindly agreed to write a series of peace poems this year as part of our Centennial celebrations. Her latest poem is titled ‘fan of freedom’.

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  • Movies that Matter

    Free Tickets to ‘The Movies That Matter’ Film Festival!

    News and events - March 18, 2013

    This week the ‘Movies that Matter’ Film Festival will take place again in the city of The Hague starting on March 21 until March 27. Do you enjoy watching films on Human Rights & Legal Issues as much as we do? Would you like to attend one of the 70 films that will be shown this year? The Peace Palace Library is giving away 3 free tickets to 3 people who will write the best short commentary on why this Festival is important to you and/or your studies!!

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  • H.E. Immaculee Uwanyiligira, Ambassador of Rwanda in The Hague

    Interview: H.E. Immaculee Uwanyiligira, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda in The Hague

    News and events - December 18, 2012

    As 2012 is drawing to a close, we decided that for our final Newsletter we needed to go out with a bang! This is why we’ve asked H.E. Immaculee Uwanyiligira, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda in The Hague for an interview after hearing her deliver an excellent speech during the Lecture ’Rwanda and the Restoration of the Rule of Law’ that was organized by the Hague Academic Coalition (HAC) last month. We wanted to hear more from this great lady and were curious to find out more about the current state of affairs in Rwanda. Read our Interview here!

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  • Kristy-Donald-Library User in the Spotlight.jpg

    Library User in the Spotlight: Kirsty Donald

    News and events - December 17, 2012

    Kirsty Donald, LLB bachelor student in International and European Law at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, is this month’s Library User in the Spotlight. Find out more about how the discovery of one particular book in the Peace Palace Library not only inspired her but led to her becoming the Netherlands’ representative for the European Citizens’ Initiative to “End Ecocide in Europe”:

    “One of the main benefits of studying

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  • Christmas Wish from The Hague: ‘City without Walls, Haven for Boundless Thought’

    News and events - December 14, 2012

    For our final Newsletter of 2012, we asked Mr. Aus Greidanus, artistic director of The Hague- European Capital of Culture in 2018 to express a Christmas Wish for our subscribers. Although The Hague did not make it to the shortlist to obtain the title of European Capital of Culture 2018, this will not deter our city from realizing all its cultural and educational ambitions mentioned in the bid book. […] ‘ The Hague is an international city with a […] network stretching all over the world that carries an international mandate to resolve conflicts and to help societies accommodate differences,’ Mr. Greidanus stated. Please Read his Christmas Wish here.

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  • Curiosity, A Peace Poem by Hanneke Eggels

    News and events - December 13, 2012

    In our October Newsletter we introduced you to Peace Poet Hanneke Eggels. Along with our interview with Ms Eggels, we also made a Video Recital of one of her Poems titled ‘Charter’ on our Peace Palace Library YouTube-Channel. To mark the end of the year, Ms Eggels pleasantly surprised us with another poem, titled ‘Curiosity’. Please read it here.

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  • Nico Schrijver

    Professor Nico Schrijver in the Spotlight

    News and events - December 11, 2012

    Last week, Nico Schrijver, Professor of Public International Law and Academic Director of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University was featured in the Dutch Magazine ‘Mr. Online’

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