• Book Launch ‘The Art of Making Peace’

    News and events - April 12, 2017

    On Monday, March 20, the Peace Palace Library and the Carnegie Foundation organized the first book launch of this year. ‘ The Art of Making Peace; Lessons learned from the Peace Treaties’ holds special meaning to us as it is a reflection of an international conference that took place during the Peace Palace Centenary in 2013. The volume offers critical reflections by the leading experts of this conference on important peace agreements such as the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, the mother of all peace treaties, as well as some more recent examples such as the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Sudan Agreement. In addition, the situations which arose in relation to the wars between Iran and Iraq and between Kuwait and Iraq are also discussed.

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  • Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture

    News and events - March 13, 2017

    On Monday March 20, the Peace Palace Library, the Embassy of Israel in The Hague, Brill-Nijhoff Publishers together with the Rosenne family, are pleased to invite you to the sixth Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture : ‘Negotiating, Drafting, Implementing and Interpreting Peace Agreements’. This year, the Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Tal Becker, legal adviser at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Discussants are: H.E. Judge Julia Sebutinde (ICJ), H.E. Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, Negotiator of the Greek-Cypriotcommunity in the inter-communal talks on the Cyprus problem and Professor Malcolm N. Shaw QC, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge. To attend this event, please register in advance before March 15 via

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  • Syria War Crimes Database

    News and events - March 10, 2017

    The Dutch foreign minister paid tribute on Thursday to activists who risk their lives in Syria to gather evidence of atrocities, saying it should be used to prosecute those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Minister was speaking at a meeting of experts who are discussing progress in setting up an independent database to store and analyze evidence of war crimes in Syria’s civil war.

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  • Mare Liberum in Suriname

    News and events - February 17, 2017

    Last month, The Peace Palace Library donated a copy of Mare Liberum to the Anton de Kom University in Suriname. The book was donated on the first day the Anton de Kom University opened its new law faculty.

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  • Database Dalloz

    News and events - February 17, 2017

    Dallow is a French legal database containing legal journals, legislation, legal commentaries and case law. The legal fields that are included in our subscription are: French civil law, criminal law, administrative law, business law, labor law, real estate as well as European – and International Law. The Encyclopédie Juridique Dalloz contains twelve Répertoires. The encyclopedias are frequently used by practitioners and scholars. They are of a high scholarly quality in that all the articles have been written by renowned judges, scholars, or practitioners.

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  • Interview Professor Yves Daudet

    Library blog - February 16, 2017

    Professor Daudet officially retired as Secretary-General of The Hague Academy of International Law. A special farewell ceremony and reception were held in his honor during which the new Secretary- General, Professor Jean- Marc Thouvenin was formally introduced. Mr Daudet graciously agreed to be interviewed. Find out more how he looks back on his time at the Academy, his many highlights and accomplishments and how he will continue to stay involved in the future of the Academy.

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  • The ‘US Travel Ban’ from an International Law Perspective

    Library blog - February 9, 2017

    On January 27th, 2017, American President Donald Trump signed ‘Executive Order 13769’ titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorists Entry into the United States’. The purpose of this order is to place a limit on the number of refugees to be admitted into the United States in 2017. The order suspends the entry of foreign nationals from seven Muslim majority nations namely, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for a period of 90 days after which an updated list will be put in place. The order also indefinitely suspends nationals from Syria. This blog will briefly highlight the international legal implications.

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  • Interview Sigrid Kaag

    Library blog - December 9, 2016

    This month, we have the honor of interviewing Ms. Sigrid Kaag, a top Dutch diplomat who currently serves as a United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL). Last month, the Dutch Carnegie Foundation awarded Sigrid Kaag the Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize. Before the ceremony took place, we took the opportunity to interview Ms. Kaag to discuss her work at the UN, in particular, the succesful UN-OPCW joint mission Ms. Kaag led to eliminate the chemical weapons programme in Syria. We also discussed the role of international law in her daily work at the UN. Here’s what she had to say.

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  • Legal Database: Kluwer Competition Law

    News and events - November 23, 2016

    Kluwer Competition Law is a fully searchable collection of primary source material, commentary, and analysis in EU competition law. The database has been organised into the specific competition law topics of Antitrust, Mergers and State Aid. Each topic consists of an overview, legislation and notices, Commission and Court Decisions and Analytical Materials, taken from KLI publications (journals, books and looseleafs) and explaining the reasoning behind the decisions and their implications. Liberalisation, the internal market, services and goods and consumer policy and the environment are included as special sectors. The database also includes 29 country reports of National Legislation and of Analytical Materials, derived both from KLI publications and the e-Competitions bulletin.

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  • Special Exhibition: “The Peace on Posters and the Posters on Peace”

    News and events - October 13, 2016

    On September 21, a special exhibition, “The Peace on Posters and the Posters on Peace”, will be opened by the Peace Palace Library and the municipality of The Hague as part of the Just Peace Festival. For this exhibition, a selection of the Library’s poster collection will be displayed in a gallery in the Tram Tunnel of the city centre of The Hague. The Peace Palace Library holds a unique collection of posters relating to Peace; parts of it have a direct relationship with the Peace Movement starting in the early 20th century. This movement consisted of internationalists and pacifists from all over the world, and statesmen and politicians also participated in the movement. The Peace Movement stood also at the basis of the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907, resulting in the opening of the Peace Palace in 1913, the temple for the peaceful settlement of international disputes. The Peace Palace Library has always been a principal inhabitant of the Peace Palace, the symbolic building of ‘Peace through Justice’.

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