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    Right now we are in a transition period to a new online catalog. Meanwhile we primarily use the Discovery service of the Worldshare Management System.

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  • Codex Alimentarius

    Codex Alimentarius 50 years and Beyond!

    Library blog - January 29, 2016

    This blog was written in honor of the farewell of Mr. Van Hoogstraten, General-Director of the Carnegie Foundation and Treasurer of The Hague Academy of International Law. Mr. Steven van Hoogstraten held the position of Director for Food Policy and Product Safety at the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (1990-2000). Additionally Steven van Hoogstraten represented the Netherlands in the Codex Alimentarius Commission. He stood at the cradle of the creation of Codex Alimentarius and its implementation in the Netherlands. Furthermore Steven van Hoogstraten was appointed as the Vice-president of the Codex for a few years and has comprehenisive understanding of the workings of the Commission.

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  • Peace Palace Library 2015 in Review

    Library blog - December 30, 2015

    As we turn the page on 2015, the Peace Palace Library looks back on the most notable international law news and Peace Palace Library events. A lot can happen in 12 months. A look back on international news over 2015, unfortunately opened with the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and closed the year with the terrible terror attacks in Paris. We had the war in Syria, Europe’s refugee crisis, South Africa threatened to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, while one of its greatest sporting stars Oscar Pistorius was convicted of murder.

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  • Planetary Security Initiative

    Climate Change and Planetary Security

    Library blog - November 6, 2015

    On 2 and 3 November 2015, experts of the Hague Centre of Strategic Studies attended in the international conference on “Planetary Security: Peace and Cooperation in Times of Climate Change and Global Environmental Challenges” at the Peace Palace in The Hague. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands organized this Planetary Security Initiative. The Netherlands aims to facilitate events on an annual basis and like to provide a regular time and place where experts, organizations, and decision makers could assemble, share, connect and strengthen their parts of the new strategies needed for the future of planetary security.

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  • Arctic drilling

    The Impact of Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic

    Library blog - August 28, 2015

    In July 2015 the Obama administration has given Royal Dutch Shell PLC approval to begin with limited exploratory oil drilling off Alaska’s northwest coast, in the Chukchi Sea. The permits were granted despite the nationwide protest (where people in 13 states gathered for a “ShellNo” Day of Action) and protests by many environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Friends of the Earth. In this blog I will give a summary of the history of Arctic drilling and I will also discuss shortly the environmental concerns and technological and safety risks relating to offshore oil drilling in the Arctic.

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  • European Court of Human Rights

    Delfi AS v. Estonia: ECHR’s decision on liability of websites for offensive online comments of its readers!

    Library blog - June 26, 2015

    On 16 June 2015 the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has delivered the long awaited final judgment in the case of Delfi AS v. Estonia. The Court ruled in favor of Estonia, embracing the idea that websites should be held liable for certain types of anonymous comments posted by users. The Court concluded that there was no violation of Article 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In this blog I will briefly discuss the background of this case on freedom of expression and the liability of user-generated content on websites and I will also quote the opinions of a few experts on the Delfi case.

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  • The Data Retention Saga: Dutch Court Declared National Data Retention Law Invalid!

    The Data Retention Saga: Dutch Court Declared National Data Retention Law Invalid!

    Library blog - April 2, 2015

    On March 11, 2015, the district court of The Hague in the Netherlands declared the country’s 2009 Telecommunications Data Retention Act invalid. This decision was a foreseeable effect because of a previous judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning the annulment of the European Directive on data retention on April 8, 2014. It seems now that European Member States are starting to face the consequences of that annulment. The cause of this is the fact that the European judgement did not automatically make national data retention legislation invalid. I will briefly discuss the case of the Dutch national data retention law.

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  • The official announcement of the date of the Palestinian accession to the ICC, in the form of a letter from Ban, was posted on a U.N. website. (Photo: Reuters)

    Palestine in the International Criminal Court: impact and consequences!

    Library blog - January 23, 2015

    The year 2014 ended with a cliff-hanger for the Israeli-Palestinian question. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed the Rome Statute on New Year’s eve, a day after a UN resolution mandating Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank failed to pass at the Security Council. As a result, on 6 January 2015, the UN secretary-general confirmed by an official note that Palestine will accede to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on April 1, 2015. In this blog I will explain the meaning of the Palestinian accession, the procedure of preliminary examination by the International Criminal Court and possible consequences for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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  • YPI 2014 - Press Conference (Press Version)

    “Our Common Future”: Roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian Permanent Peace

    News and events - October 30, 2014

    Between 11 and 18 October 2014 the Youth Peace Initiative 2014 took place in the Hague. The Youth Peace Initiative 2014 (YPI 2014) has been set up to get Israeli and Palestinian youth involved with the current peace negotiations between their nations. During the YPI 2014, seventeen young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, (five from Israel, five from Palestine, and seven from the rest of the world (Korea, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, the United States and the Netherlands) stayed together at the Institute of International Relations, Clingendael and worked on their own Roadmap for permanent peace between Israel and the Palestinian territories. On Friday October 17th they presented their Roadmap “Our Common Future” to the ambassadors of Israel and Palestine.

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  • Logo YPI2014

    The Youth Peace Initiative 2014 and the Roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian Permanent Peace!

    Library blog - October 17, 2014

    Between 11 and 18 October the Youth Peace Initiative 2014 took place in The Hague, international City of Peace and Justice. The Youth Peace Initiative 2014 (YPI 2014) has been set up to get Israeli and Palestinian youth involved with the current peace negotiations between their nations. The YPI 2014 participants discussed and deliberated a whole week to achieve consensus on ideas and solutions for the peace process.

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