• Suriname, Amnesty laws & the December Murder Trials

    Library blog - April 16, 2012

    On Friday April 13th 2012, a Surinamese military court was expected to comment on a recently adopted controversial Amnesty bill in the case regarding the December Murders of 1982 in which Desiré Delano (Desi) Bouterse, the current President of the Republic of Suriname, is the prime suspect.

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  • Islamic Law - Research Guide International Law

    Islamic Law

    Research guide

    Shari’a or the sacred law of Islam is the will of God revealed to the prophet Muhammad and eventually taken down in the text of the Quran. The Quran together with the Sunna, the normative precedents of the prophet and his followers, written down in the form of Traditions (hadith), form the two main sources of the Shari’a. The legal scholars of the science of Shari’a (fiqh) developed methodologies and constructed an elaborate legal system, discussing cases and exercising legal reasoning on the basis of consensus (ijma’) and on analogy (qiyas). The Shari’a prescribes in detail how a Muslim must behave in all aspects of life, that is, in the religious, moral and legal sphere and represents an eternally valid ideal to which society must aspire.

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  • The New President of Suriname

    Library blog - August 12, 2010

    Mr. Désiré Delano Bouterse, a former military dictator, was elected President of the Republic of Suriname on July 19 by 36 votes out of 50 parliamentary votes. He will be inaugurated today August 12th in Paramaribo in the presence of the outgoing president Ronald Venetiaan. Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, cancelled his attendance because of […]

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  • Sino-US relations

    Library blog - February 4, 2010

    Last week the US announced a major arms sales package to Taiwan, worth $6 billion of defensive weapons. The response of the Chinese government on this very sensitive issue was unusually tough. Taiwan is considered a province of the Peoples Republic of China since 1949 and mutual respect for territorial integrity is one of the […]

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  • Fresh air for the EU

    Library blog - November 5, 2009

    After 2 years finally the last ratification instrument of the Treaty of Lisbon (2007), the signature of the Eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus, has been implemented. The treaty will enter into force on 1 December 2009.This was made possible after the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic had announced its judgment this week, in very […]

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  • Scheldt River Dispute

    Library blog - September 9, 2009

    The eternal Scheldt River Dispute Again there is serious controversy between the Netherlands and Belgium, or rather the Region of Flanders, about one of the 4 Scheldt Treaties of 21 December 2005 regulating the execution of the development outline 2010 of the Scheldt Basin, of vital interest for the access to the Antwerp harbour.The Dutch […]

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  • Kosovo

    Library blog - April 28, 2009

    Last week the International Court of Justice issued a Press Release announcing that 35 Member States of the UN had filed written statements on the question of the Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo. On 8 October 2008 the General Assembly of the […]

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  • Travaux Préparatoires

    Library blog - March 20, 2009

    Last week the impressive two volume set “The Genocide Convention : The Travaux Préparatoires”, by Hirad Abtahi and Philippa Webb was launched in the Hague. The 2217 pages of this vol. 2 of a new series “The Travaux Préparatoires of Multilateral Treaties”, published by Brill/Nijhoff, offer the reader, students of international criminal law, lawyers, judges, […]

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  • Special Tribunal for Lebanon

    Library blog - March 5, 2009

    Last Sunday March 1 2009 the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) launched its proceedings, 4 years after the political murder of Rafiq Hariri in Beirout. The Tribunal is based upon an Agreement between the United Nations and the Lebanese Republic pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1664 (2006), which responded to the request of the Government […]

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  • Reading Room Map

    Library blog - January 7, 2009

    It is freezing cold in the Hague. People are skating on the pond in the rose garden under the eyes of the statue of Erasmus. Before you go out you want to know which books are available on the 360 shelves in the reading room, apart from the books and journals you can request from […]

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