• Highlights of a Library-Trip to Oxford by a Group of Dutch Law Librarians

    News and events - April 2, 2012

    The beautiful historical Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera Science Library were first on the list to visit. One inspired guide led us to the oldest parts of the building dating back to the fourteenth century, informing us of the various people who were of great importance to the library. The most important being Sir Thomas Bodley who supported new developments in the library, such as the Legal Depot, by which the Stationer’s Company in London agreed to send a copy of every registered book to the library. The addition of the Selden collection with its many manuscripts was of immense value.

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  • Leiden Journal of International Law – 25th Anniversary! Congratulations!

    News and events - March 8, 2012

    A successful international law journal! Almost 800 articles have been published and the list of authors offers a who’s who in the field of international law, with a focus on international legal theory and dispute settlement and prevention. The special section “Hague International Jurisprudence” underlines the ties with The Hague, legal capital of the world. In her editorial Editor-in-Chief Larissa van den Herik commemorates the old days of the journal and ponders about the future. What will be the influence of the development of cyberspace, open-access databases, blogs etc., without losing quality control? In the Peace Palace Library the Leiden Journal of International Law is the most consulted journal, followed by Journal of International Criminal Justice, European Journal of International Law, International Criminal law Review, Recueil des Cours and American Journal of International Law

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  • Conference on “The True Faith?”, Potsdam, 10-12 February 2012

    Library blog - January 13, 2012

    The true faith? A cosmopolitan project in the early Enlightenment 10 February-11 February 2012, University of Potsdam and HBPG, Potsdam. Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) still is a subject of study, thought, research and discussion!

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  • Inspiration and innovation in international law and politics, 100 years Nobel peace prize Tobias Asser

    Library blog - December 15, 2011

    The conference in honor of the late Tobias Asser, a hundred years after receiving the Nobel peace prize, featured a day long program with various speakers, presentations and panel discussions. The following is a selection of the opinions delivered by some of the most prominent speakers on the subjects of public international law and private international law. For a more detailed account of the life and legacy of Tobias Asser, please see ‘The learned guide of our nation …’.

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  • International territorial administration

    Library blog - December 8, 2011

    This blog post introduces the main topic of the book “Accountability of International Territorial Administrations: A Public Law Approach”. In recent history, territories have at times been placed under temporary international administration, for example in the context of decolonization or as part of a broader endeavor to end a particular conflict. Within the framework of the League of Nations Mandates System and the United Nations Trusteeship System, the international community assumed responsibility over certain territories, while delegating the actual administration to proxy states.

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  • University of Pennsylvania Press Donation

    News and events - December 1, 2011

    Donation The University of Pennsylvania Press has kindly donated its latest publication in the Series ”Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights” to the Peace Palace Library. “This side of silence : human rights, torture, and the recognition of cruelty”  by Tobias Kelly is an excellent account of various legal and moral aspects of “torture’, seen in […]

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  • The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation in The Hague

    Library blog - October 20, 2011

    The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation seeks to promote tolerance and reconciliation through helping scholars from different sides of a conflict work together to research and write narratives that can be shared among communities or peoples in conflict. Through this process of shared work, a better understanding of “the other” is gained by both sides.

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  • Eichmann Trial 50 years

    Library blog - October 10, 2011

    Lecture in the Peace Palace Library on the Eichmann trial, that took place 50 yeras ago.

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  • Grotius in Slovenia

    Library blog - June 10, 2011

    Grotius’ theory on the Freedom of the Sea might help Slovenia in the dispute with Croatia over a small bay in the Adriatic. Since their independence from Yuogoslavia in 1991 they quarrel over the territorial sea delimitation in the Bay of Piran. Croatia claims that the border should be drawn in the middle of the bay, which would deny Slovenian ships direct access to the high sea…

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  • A Cyberian Crossroad

    Library blog - February 15, 2011

    This is the age of the digital battlefield. Theoretically everybody can attack anybody and anything, anytime and anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the Internet.

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