• Egypt and its Constitution

    Library blog - January 31, 2011

    The 1971 Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt as amended to 2007 contains many articles relevant for the present situation.

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  • Shabtai Rosenne, London 1917- Jerusalem 2010

    Library blog - October 8, 2010

    Professor Shabtai Rosenne, international jurist and diplomat, has died. The Peace Palace has many memories of Rosenne. His activities as an international lawyer brought him there many times.He lectured twice at the Hague Academy of International Law, in 1954 on United Nations Treaty Practice (Vol. 86, 1954 II) and in 2001 (Vol. 291, 2001) he […]

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  • IALL 29th Annual Course

    Library blog - August 25, 2010

    The IALL (International Association of Law Libraries) will hold its 29th Annual Course on International Legal Information and Law in the Peace Palace in The Hague from 5-9- September 2010.Theme of the Conference is: “Dutch Gateways to International Law”(Euthanasia, Drugs, The Hague World Capital of International Law, Water, Grotius) The keynote speech “International Law in […]

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  • “John Selden : Scholarship in Context” Conference

    Library blog - June 30, 2010

    Magdalen College in Oxford hosted the “John Selden : Scholarship in Context” Conference from 24th-26th June, a tribute to England’s “Chief of learned men”.

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  • “Resistance is Futile”

    Library blog - April 16, 2010

    Many people have expressed their concern over this futuristic way of Predator warfare as practized by the U.S. in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Amongst others, Philip Ashton, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, presented a critical report on the secrecy of the US drone program and its legal basis.

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  • Krzysztof Skubiszewski (Poznań,1926 – Warsaw 2010)

    Library blog - February 14, 2010

    Krzysztof Skubiszewski (Poznań,1926 – Warsaw 2010)W MEMORIALE WIELKIEGO UCZONEGO Professor Krzysztof Skubiszewski has died.The international legal community in The Hague knew him well and will miss him dearly. He had many footsteps there. Already in 1956 he attended the summer-course of The Hague Academy of International Law and in 1960 the Research Center of the […]

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  • Mare Liberum 1609-2009

    Library blog - December 14, 2009

    Celebration of the 400th anniversary of Grotius’ famous book “Mare Liberum”.
    Highlight was the presentation of the first copy of a new English translation of Mare Liberum “ Hugo Grotius Mare liberum 1609-2009. Original Latin and English Translation”. Edited and annotated by Robert Feenstra, General Introduction by Jeroen Vervliet. Leiden : Brill 2009. ISBN 9789004177017.

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    Library blog - December 4, 2009

    We regret to say No new blog today Our message is in rhymeBecause this is the time When we in Holland celebrateTomorrow evening very late Sinterklaas’ birthdayWho, so the legends say Sails to Holland every yearTo bring joy, but also fear For those who have been good this yearmany presents will appear The ones who […]

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  • Hugo Grotius’ Mare Liberum 1609-2009

    Library blog - October 9, 2009

    The Hague celebrates the 400th anniversary of the publication of Hugo Grotius’ Mare Liberum (Leiden, Publishing House of Elsevier) with an extensive program of activities. It commemmorates the fact that Grotius wrote his book in The Hague with exhibitions, theater/musical plays, films, publications and lectures in museums and libraries.

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  • Georgia on his mind. From R2P toR2I?

    Library blog - August 12, 2009

    Russia always maintained that its intervention in Georgia was justified by the principle of “responsibility to protect” (R2P).
    Russian President Medvedev, also supreme military commander, introduced an amendment to the Russian defense Law to allow Russian armed forces to intervene beyond Russian borders.

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