• The Washington Naval Treaty: Averting the Allied Arms Race

    Blog - novembre 2, 2017

    The 1916 US Naval Act and its 1918 proposed expansion triggered a Naval Arms Race between it and it’s allied nations of Great Britain and Japan.
    Finally, the United States Government invited the principal naval powers to a conference to discuss the situation and end the Naval Arms Race.
    A bold opening suggestion from the US government resulted in the scrapping and halting of most naval capital ships.
    The Washington Naval Treaty signed on the 6th of February 1922

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  • The Treaties of Ryswick (1697)

    Blog - août 17, 2017

    In 1697, the Huis ter Nieuburch in Rijswijk was the scene of the negotiations which led to so-called “Peace of Ryswick”. These negotiations sought to end the Nine-Years War between France on one side and the Grand Alliance of Spain, England, The Dutch Republic and The Holy Roman Empire. The Peace Treaty of Rijswijk was not a single document but consisted of a number of treaties which were signed during the months of September and October 1697. The treaties have been scanned in order to familiarize researchers with our historical collection.

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  • Diplodocus Carnegii, Peace Diplomacy by Dinosaur

    Blog - juillet 13, 2017

    The New York Journal and Advertiser of the 11th of December 1898 had an article on page 29; “Most Colossal Animal Ever on Earth Just Found Out West”.
    It announced the discovery of a “gigantic brontosaur” in Wyoming by Mr. William H. Reed

    Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate, decided to secure the find for the new Museum of Natural History at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburg. The Director of the Museum, Dr. William J. Holland, was ordered by Andrew Carnegie to purchase the find for the museum and contacted the discoverer.

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  • New Trial Subscription

    Nouvelle - mars 20, 2013

    Dear users, we have taken a Trial Subscription on: – IAReporter ( This trial database is accessible inside the Reading Room. Ask the person behind the desk to log you in. Comments on this database are welcome!

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  • Lending Notification – 1 Day Lending Period

    Nouvelle - juin 29, 2012

    As previously stated on Library News, the Lending of Books will be restricted from the 1st of July till the 1st of September. From today till the 1st of September, all documents available for loan will have a lending period of 1 Day Thank you for your cooperation. The Peace Palace Library Staff.

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