• De kleine Hoge Raad voor Dummies

    Nouvelle - mai 6, 2019

    Afgelopen maandag mochten wij uit handen van de bibliotheek/het kennisplein van de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden een donatie ontvangen. Hartelijk dank! De kleine Hoge Raad voor Dummies vertelt over de Hoge Raad, de hoogste rechter in ons land op het gebied van het civiel-, straf- en belastingrecht. Het boekje legt op een toegankelijke manier uit wat de taken van de Hoge Raad zijn (en wat juist niet) en beschrijft op welke manier de Hoge Raad die taken uitvoert. Ook lees je over de geschiedenis van de Hoge Raad, zijn organisatie en de procureur-generaal bij de Hoge Raad en zijn parket. Bovendien gaat het boekje in op de betekenis van een ‘rechtsstaat’ en de rol van de hoogste rechter daarin. Maarten Feteris is president van de Hoge Raad en hoogleraar formeel belastingrecht aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Jason van Heusden is de persoonlijk medewerker van de president van de Hoge Raad en raadsheer-plaatsvervanger in het Gerechtshof Amsterdam.

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  • Book Presentation ‘The Hague Conferences’, 19 February 2019, Registration Open

    Nouvelle - février 14, 2019

    On 19 February 2019, from 17.30 till 18.30, the New Zealand historian Maartje Abbenhuis will speak in the Peace Palace Library about her most recent book “The Hague Conferences and International Politics, 1898-1915”, which has been published by Bloomsbury.

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  • The Hague Academy Event ‘Hours in Crisis’

    Nouvelle - février 1, 2019

    During the first week of the Winter Course, 40 Academy students took part in the first ever ‘Hours in Crisis’ simulation exercise where they acted as legal counselors in a fictitious case dealing with an international crisis. The ‘Hours of Crisis’ simulation exercise, created entirely by the Academy’s Secretary-General Professor Thouvenin, lasted almost 10 hours and gave students an exciting chance to put their international law knowledge and skills to the test.

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  • Grotiana, Volume 39 (2018)

    Blog - janvier 10, 2019

    New issue. Grotiana appears under the auspices of the Grotiana Foundation. The journal’s leading objective is the furtherance of the Grotian tradition. It welcomes any relevant contribution to a better understanding of Grotius’ life and works. At the same time close attention will be paid to Grotius’ relevance for present-day thinking about world problems. Grotiana therefore intends to be a forum for exchanges concerning the philosophical, ethical and legal fundamentals of the search for an international order. The Library contributes with a bibliography on Grotius.

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  • All I want for Christmas is … Peace!

    Blog - décembre 21, 2018

    Peace is an elusive thing. Everyone wants peace, yet few seem to actually possess it in any substantive form. For many, the attraction of the Christmas season is the momentary fulfillment of that dream, the wonderful moment of ‘Peace on Earth’. For one night, it seems possible. As Christmas approaches, we experience a sense of ‘Peace on Earth’. The Peace Palace upholds the ideal of ‘Peace through Law’: resolving international conflicts by means of international adjudication. Some reading suggestions on this topic from your Library for the coming Christmas season. Happy Christmas!

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  • “That the Guns may Fall Silent at Least upon the Night the Angels Sang”

    Blog - décembre 21, 2018

    Only five months after the outbreak of the Great War in Europe, on and around Christmas Day 1914, the sounds of rifles firing and shells exploding faded in a number of places along the Western Front in favor of holiday celebrations in the trenches and gestures of goodwill between enemies. Late on Christmas Eve 1914, men of the British Expeditionary Force heard Germans troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches.

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  • Important Announcement: New Library Automation System

    Blog - décembre 21, 2018

    Dear Library users,

    From January 2nd, the Peace Palace Library will be using a new library automation system. In this item you will find how services will change for its users.

    Kind regards, the Peace Palace Library Staff

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  • Systematic Classification of International Law

    Nouvelle - décembre 20, 2018

    The Online Public Access Catalog includes bibliographical references to books, periodicals and articles that are available in the Peace Palace Library. The Library possesses an in-house systematic classification, modernised and updated as of 01-01-2016, which is used to classify books, essays and articles. Originally created in 1916, the systematic classification supports your search with regard to content and is divided into five sections.

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  • Ormiston, R., First World War Posters, London, Flame Tree Publishing, 2013.

    First World War Posters

    Centenaire de la Première guerre mondiale - novembre 12, 2018

    Recruitment, propaganda, rationing, fundraising – during the First World War posters were used to inform and rally the public as never before. Three beautiful books with reproductions.

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  • Concert To End All Wars, Vredespaleis en Doorn, 10 en 11 november 2018

    Centenaire de la Première guerre mondiale - novembre 2, 2018

    In een uniek concert bundelen het Montiverdi Kamerkoor Utrecht en de Konrad Koselleck Big Band hun krachten om het einde van de Eerste Wereldoorlog te herdenken. Indringende koormuziek uit die tijd van componisten als Elgar en Ravel ontmoet de vroegere Jazzbandmuziek, nieuwe composities wisselen af met oorlogsklassiekers.

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