• Visit to Dunfermline, Scotland

    News and events - April 29, 2016

    From Thursday 31 March till Saturday 2 April 2016, Erik de Baedts, director of the Carnegie Foundation and Sophie Brinkel, policy advisor, visited the town of Dunfermline; the birthplace of the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The idea of the visit was to learn about the different Carnegie institutions in Dunfermline and to discuss future cooperation.

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  • Steven van Hoogstraten

    Farewell Interview Mr. Steven van Hoogstraten

    Library blog - January 29, 2016

    After serving the Carnegie Foundation as General-Director and The Hague Academy as Treasurer for a period of 13 years, Steven van Hoogstraten has officially retired on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. For this occasion, we interviewed him and reflected on his career and achievements, his most memorable moments and his initial and future hopes for the Peace Palace. Steven van Hoogstraten started his career working at various Dutch Ministries where much of his work was focused on the implementation of European and International Law into the Dutch legal system.

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  • Steven van Hoogstraten

    Bibliography Steven van Hoogstraten

    News and events - January 29, 2016

    Compiled from the catalogue of the Peace Palace Library on the occasion of Mr. Van Hoogstraten’s retirement as General-Director of the Carnegie Foundation and Teasurer of The Hague Academy of International Law.

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  • Model United Nations Royal Netherlands Military Academy

    News and events - December 23, 2015

    On Monday 14, 2015, the Netherlands Defence Academy, in cooperation with United Netherlands and the Peace Palace Library, organized a Model United Nations on the topic of Syria. The Model United Nations was organized for the students of the Royal Netherlands Military Academy and was a simulation of the Security Council of the United Nations. All participants were part of 15 delegations presenting a country of the UN Security Council.

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  • The International Nuremberg Principles Academy: Interview with Dr. Sigall Horovitz

    News and events - November 12, 2015

    On the 10th of November, we visited the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, created in 2014 to teach students from all over the world about international criminal law and human rights. Here we interviewed Bernd Borchardt, the founding director of the Academy, and dr. Sigall Horovitz, who works for the Educational Department of the Academy and who is a specialist in international criminal law and transitional justice.

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  • From The Hague to Nuremberg: The Peace Palace Library’s Visit to Nuremberg

    From The Hague to Nuremberg: Our Visit to Nuremberg

    Library blog - November 12, 2015

    From Sunday 8 November 2015 to Tuesday 10 November 2015, Sophie Brinkel, Candice Alihusain and Fé de Jonge, visited the city of Nuremberg in Germany. This city is internationally known for the war crimes trials that took place in Nuremberg after the Second World War, from 1945 to 1949. These trials encompassed both the International Military Tribunal, which was created by the Allied forces, and the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, organized by the USA authorities.

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  • What is TTIP?

    Library blog - October 29, 2015

    During the G8 Summit in June 2013, the United States of America and the European Union, the world’s leading economies, launched talks of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): a proposed international trade and investment agreement. The TTIP is said to create the world’s largest free trade area and to boost both US and EU economic growth. The TTIP will also create extra jobs, as well as cheaper products and services. Additionally, there will be more commercial interaction between the US and the EU.

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  • Trade Talks on Thursday November 5

    News and events - October 22, 2015

    The Peace Palace Library and NGIZ Club Clingendael are proud to invite you for an evening with lectures and discussions on international trade. Specific focus will be on the development of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The masterclasses will represent both economic and judicial perspectives on trade. Registration is now possible!

    Trade Talks 5 November

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  • Peace and Security Salon on Migration

    News and events - October 6, 2015

    On Thursday 15 October 2015, the Peace Palace Library will organize a salon on the European migration issue. The salon is part of a new lecture series of the Peace Palace Library on Peace and Security issues. The salon will discuss the migration policy and the human rights of migrants from a European perspective.

    Registration for this lecture is now possible!

    Migrants EU

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  • Hague Academy Advanced Course on International Criminal Law, 24 August to 4 September 2015

    2015 Advanced Course on International Criminal Law

    News and events - August 28, 2015

    This year, for the first time, the Hague Academy of International Law, in cooperation with the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University and with the kind support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, organizes an advanced Course of two weeks on International Criminal Law with a special focus on Gender Justice. This year’s session particularly emphasizes on a critical evaluation of persistent challenges and emerging responses to sexual and gender-based violence. We were able to speak to two participants, Ms Jimena Viveros and Mr Dr. Elijah Oluwatoyin Okebukola, to ask them about their experiences so far.

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