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  • 2017 Programme The Hague Academy Summer Courses

    mai 30, 2017

    The Summer Courses are organized in two periods of 3 weeks each, one focusing on Public International Law and one on Private International Law. Since the very outset in 1923 thousands of students from over 100 nationalities have been able to attend them. Many alumni, having thus had the opportunity to meet “great names” in the field of international Law, have subsequently gone on to become themselves well-known academics, lawyers or diplomats, among other occupations. The courses consist of lectures on general or special topics and are subsequently published in the Collected Courses series, of which there are currently over 380 volumes, ranking among the most important encyclopaedic publications on public and private international law.

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  • New Publication: Recueil des cours, Collected Courses, Tome/Volume 380

    décembre 21, 2016

    ISBN 978-90-04-32131-1, The Hague Academy of International Law, Leiden, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. With contributions from H. van Loon, P.-G. Pougoué and T. Kruger.

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  • Opening of the Registration 2017 Summer Courses

    novembre 28, 2016

    The registration period for the 2017 Summer Courses has started. The Summer Programme is aimed at students and practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of international law, whether public or private. The Hague Academy of International Law awards all participants to the Summer Courses who have regularly attended the lectures a Certificate of Attendance.
    Welcome to All Students of the 2014 Hague Academy Summer Courses!

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  • New Publication: Recueil des cours, Collected Courses, Tome/Volume 379

    novembre 22, 2016

    ISBN 978-90-04-32127-4, Hague Academy of International Law, Leiden, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. With contributions from V. Lowe, K. Boele-Woelki, C. Fresnedo de Aguirre and R. Ben Achour.
     New Publication: Recueil des cours, Collected Courses, Tome/Volume 368

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  • Directed Studies and Diploma

    août 19, 2016

    The Hague Academy awards a high-level diploma to students with a proven advanced knowledge of the field, and who pass an examination in either public or private international law. In light of the extremely selective nature of the examination, the Diploma is generally issued to only one or two candidates per period.
    Directed Studies and Diploma

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  • Centre 2016 Programme

    août 17, 2016

    ‘Citizenship in International Law’, 22 August-9 September 2016. The aim of the 2016 Centre is to cover both theoretical and practical aspects, with regard to a variety of situations and contexts.
    Centre 2016 Programme

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  • Activities AAA 2016

    août 13, 2016

    This year’s summer assistants will accompany the participants during all cultural and legal activities organized by the Association of Attendees and Alumni. Registration for the activities will only be possible at the AAA-desk inside the Peace Palace, Academy Building. For Hague Academy students only!
    Activities AAA Public Course 2015

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  • External Programme 2016

    août 12, 2016

    The Hague Academy, 42nd Session, Ulan Bator (Mongolia), 23-30 September 2016. Theme of the session: Investment Law and Dispute Settlement.
    External Programme 2016

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  • The Pocket Books

    août 11, 2016

    In addition to the prestigious Collected Courses in hardback, the Curatorium of the Academy has decided to yearly publish, in English or French, certain courses from the private or public international law sessions in the form of low-cost “pocket books”. With this new publication, the Academy hopes to fully fulfil its role in the diffusion and promotion of international law, by making it accessible to all.
    The Pocket BooksLes livres de poche

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  • HCCH Lecture, Auditorium, 14.00-16.00 h

    août 10, 2016

    A lecture on the Hague Conference on Private International Law by Thomas John, Attaché, Principal Legal Officer at the Permanent Bureau. For The Hague Academy students only!
    HCCH Lecture, Auditorium, 14.00-167.00 h

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