Peace Palace Centenaire

  • Carnegie, A., A League of Peace: a Rectorial Address, delivered to the Students in the University of St. Andrews, 17th October, 1905, New York, Carnegie Corporation of New York, [Reprinted ed.] 2012.

    A League of Peace: A Rectorial Address, 17th October 1905 by Andrew Carnegie, Esq., LL.D.

    juin 7, 2013

    A booklet reprinted by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to commemorate the 2013 Centennial of the Peace Palace in the Hague, Andrew Carnegie’s enduring monument to the cause of international peace and justice.

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  • Tuin en Landschap

    ‘Arts and Crafts’ sieren tuin honderdjarig Vredespaleis

    mai 23, 2013

    Tuin en Landschap – Vakblad voor de Groenvoorziening besteedt in aflevering 11, 23 mei 2013, 35e jaargang, aandacht aan de tuin van het Vredespaleis en diens ontwerper, de gevierde Britse tuin- en landschapsarchitect Thomas H. Mawson. Mawson was een van de eersten die architectonische tuinen ontwierp: gebouw en tuin vormden in zijn werk doorgaans een eenheid. Zo ook de tuin rondom het Vredespaleis. Een interview met Roos van Meurs, hovenier van de Carnegie Stichting.

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  • ICJ Judge Donoghue wirh Christina Moreno and Anastasia Telesetsky at the first POL Event - University of Idaho

    ‘Piece of the Palace’: a Special Project aimed at Making International Audiences Part of the Centennial Celebrations

    mai 3, 2013

    This summer the Peace Palace will celebrate its Centenary on August 28. The upcoming celebrations will be centered around the The Hague area and will therefore not include the international community outside of The Netherlands. The Piece of the Palace is a special project that enables people from all around the world to participate in the Peace Palace Centenary and to learn more about the history of the Peace Palace as well as International Law. The Project was first launched on April 10, 2013 at the University of Idaho in the United States of America where Judge Donoghue of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) lectured and spoke about the importance of this historic moment.

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  • Narcissus 'Thomas H. Mawson'

    Thomas H. Mawson Honored with Narcissus

    mai 1, 2013

    Thomas H. Mawson, the famous British landscaper who designed the gardens and grounds of the Peace Palace in The Hague, has been honored on the 11th of April with a daffodil (narcissus) that bears his name.

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  • Narcissus 'Thomas H. Mawson'

    Tuinarchitect van het Vredespaleis geeërd

    avril 12, 2013

    Thomas H. Mawson, de tuinarchitect die de tuin van het Vredespaleis 100 jaar geleden ontwierp, is op 11 april j.l. geeërd met een narcis die zijn naam draagt.

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  • Andrew Carnegie. Photo collection Carnegie Foundation

    Building a ‘Temple for Peace’: Inspired Advocates and a Philanthropist

    avril 5, 2013

    Shortly after the 1899 Hague Peace Conference had ended, William T. Stead, a highly energetic and respected British journalist and pacifist who had followed the peace conference as an observer, and Andrew D. White, the American head of delegation and ambassador in Germany, convinced the Scottish-born American steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to finance the ‘Temple for Peace’ that was to become the Peace Palace in The Hague.

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  • Peace Palace Centenary website

    Peace Palace Centenary Website Launched

    mars 30, 2013

    Several organizations are excited about the Centenary of the Peace Palace and are commited to its celebration. The Peace Palace Centenary website is an initiative of the Carnegie Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the municipality of The Hague.

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  • Peace Gallery Challenge, 1 January-10 April 2013

    Peace Gallery Challenge, 1 January-10 April 2013

    mars 26, 2013

    To celebrate 100 years of the Peace Palace, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, with the support of the municipality of The Hague is running an online contest for artists from around the world to share their work, telling a story of peace.
    Peace Gallery Challenge, 1 January-10 April 2013

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  • King Alfonso XIII of Spain visits the Peace Palace, 21 August 1931. Photo collection Carnegie Foundation

    Famous Visitors: King Alfonso XIII

    mars 15, 2013

    On 21 August 1931, the exiled King of Spain, Alfonso XIII made a visit to the Peace Palace.
     King-Alfonso-XIII-of-Spain-visits-the-Peace-Palace-21-August-1931. Photo collection Carnegie Foundation

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  • Koning Alfons XIII van Spanje bezoekt het Vredespaleis, 21 augustus 1931. Foto collectie Carnegie Stichting

    Bijzonder bezoek: Koning Alfons XIII

    mars 15, 2013

    Op 21 augustus 1931 bracht de verbannen koning Alfons XIII van Spanje een bezoek aan het Vredespaleis in Den Haag. Eerder dat jaar in april was de Tweede Spaanse Republiek uitgeroepen. De koning ontvluchtte het land, maar gaf zijn rechten op de troon niet op. Hij ging in ballingschap in Italië en nam intrek in het Grand Hotel, Rome. In 1941 deed de koning afstand van de Spaanse troon ten behoeve van zijn zoon, Juan, de Graaf van Barcelona. Alfons stierf 6 weken later.

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