Collection profile and topics

Below, we provide a brief overview of the main topics included in the extensive collection of the Peace Palace Library. These topics are presented in more detail in the Research guides, prepared and maintained by our team of librarians. In our Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) you can make use of the Systematic classification.

Overview of major topics of the Peace Palace collection:

Public International Law

 Special Topics

  • Air Law - international air law
  • Cultural Heritage - culture, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, cultural relations, Unesco
  • Environment - climate change, environmental protection, international environmental law, sustainable development
  • Food - fisheries, food law, food security, food safety, famine
  • Health - diseases, pharmaceuticals, pandemics, public health, World Health Organization
  • Labour - international labour law and standards, International Labour Organization, labour rights, working conditions
  • Law of the Sea
  • Polar Regions - Antarctica, Arctic, Greenland, Spitsbergen
  • Space Law - outer space, space security
  • Sports - lex sportiva, Olympic Games
  • Territory - territorial questions and (maritime) boundary disputes
  • Water - boundary waters, international watercourses, water management

Individuals and Groups

International Organizations and Relations

Economic and Financial Law

Settlement of International Disputes

War, Peace and Security

International Criminal Law

Private International Law

Other Subjects

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