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Having trouble using our electronic resources? Read our frequently asked questions.

What are e-journals? 
E-journals are electronic journals, also known as online journals or fulltext journals. These can be browsed, read and printed from your desktop.

How do I find a journal? 
You may search for the journal in the alphabetical list of journals. You can also type in a word or two words of the title of the journal you are looking for.

How can I read a journal online? 
After finding the journal you want, click on the title to follow the link to plinklet, which takes you to the fulltext. Click on an article of your choice and Acrobat Reader will automatically start from your desktop.

What is Acrobat Reader?
Acrobat Reader is a programme you need to view PDF-files, the file type most used in e-journals.

How can I print an article I selected? 
First go to the information desk in the library's reading room to buy a printing card. Send a print request from one of the terminals in the readng room, remember the number of the computer and go to the printing room located opposite the entrance to the library's reading room. For help on printing, we refer you to the printing guide which is available at the reading room's main desk.

Why can't I access the fulltext of a journal? 
Online journals are only available to users with paid access. Journals from Kluwer, Hein Online and Lexis-Nexis can only be viewed from inside the Peace Palace building and its grounds. Paid-access journals are not available from home.

Why do I get a search screen with Lexis-Nexis journals? 
You can't browse issues of journals in LexisNexis: you can only do a search. For easy navigation, we have put the search screen inside plinklet; type your search terms there and go to the results in Lexis Nexis. If you want to refine the results you get within LexisNexis, please click FOCUS Search in the top right of the result screen.

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