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The Peace Palace Library holds a unique collection of images like posters, engravings and photographs. Explore this special collection and help us describe it.

This collection contains engravings, posters (woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, drawings), cartoons, photographs and maps. Together they form a visual supplement to the book collection. They show important historical scenes or persons. They refer to themes and subjects, which are research topics in the library. Especially the so-called “Poster  collection” reflects subjects as “Peace”, “War” and “Anti-war movements”. The images on the posters from World War I and World War II give vivid impressions of the horrors of war, calling for support for the war parties and the fight against fascism.

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  • 3.Armee

  • Kriegsanleihe

    3.Armee J.Kriegsanleihe

  • 3.Armee


  • Aandacht wordt verzocht!
    Aandacht wordt verzocht!

    Aandacht wordt verzocht!

  • ABCA Map Review No 65
    ABCA Map Review No 65

    ABCA Map Review No 65

  • Abyssinie in vogevlucht
    Abyssinie in vogevlucht

    Abyssinie in vogelvlucht gezien

  • Allemagne

  • Amérique (États-Unis d')

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Help us describe our collection

We try to describe our collection items as accurate and as comprehensive as possible. On some of them we have very detailed information, but on other items we have very little information. Your knowledge and information can help us identify the topics and persons in our posters, engravings and photographs. When and where they were produced or printed and by whom. Enjoy our collection and to let us know what you think of it.

Some interesting sets within the Image collection


Most items are protected by copyright. You’re not allowed to use or reproduce any of these images. If you are interested in one or more of these items, please contact us for more information about copyright.