Cartoons on Peace conference in Lausanne

Set of 25 cartoons by Alois Derso and Emery Kelèn concerning the Peace conference in Lausanne between Turkey and Allied countries at the end of World War I. The conference resulted in the Treaty of Lausanne which was signed at 24 July 1923.

The Derso and Kelen Collection consists of correspondence, writings, published material, and over 900 cartoons and caricatures in varying media ranging from pencil sketches and ink drawings to richly-hued watercolors and limited edition lithographic portfolios created by the Hungarian caricaturists and political satirists Alois Derso and Emery Kelen. The vast majority of the works were produced between 1920 and 1950, the active period of collaboration between Derso and Kelen.

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  • Guignol à Lausanne. Derso et Kelèn.
    Guignol à Lausanne. Derso et Kelèn.

    Guignol à Lausanne. Derso et Kelèn. (25)

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