Two sides poster with several maps concerning important events at the end of the Second World War.

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29-04-1945 to 29-04-1945
1945 (estimated)
1015 x 765 mm

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Text on poster

ABCA Map Review No 65 from April 22 to May 6 1945.

[Side 1]
[image 1, map of Germany and surrounding states with 3 event marked on the map. Text:]
[text 1:] Nearly one million Germans in Italy are surrendered to F.M. Alexander May 2nd, 1945.
[text 2:] American and Russians link up at Torgau. April 25th, 1945
[text 3:] Berlin falls to the Red Army on May 2nd, 1945
[image 2, map of North Italian region with inserted portrait of general Field Marshall Alexander. Text:]
Scene of the triumphant climax to the Italian Campaign:  the regions wich million Germans and Italian Fascists surrendered.
[photograph:] May 2nd unconditional to Field-Marshall Alexander by the Enemy in Italy and Austria. [for more text see image]
[image 4, several newspaper headlines from April 23rd to May 6th, 1945. Text:] History in a Hurry
[image 5, photograph. Text:] May 4th, 1945: Unconditional surrender to Field-Marshall Montgomery by the German Armed Forces in Holland, Denmark and North-West Germany
[image 6, map of South East Asia with 3 event marked on the map:]
[text 1:]  14 th Army Troops capture Pegu in lightning advance, while amphibious forces land south of Rangoon.
[text 2:] Battleships, cruisers and destroyers of East Indies Fleet bombard airfields on Cap Nicobar.
[text 3:] Australian Troops protected by units of  U.S. 7th Fleet invade the coast of Borneo near Taragan Airfield.
[image 7, map of Burma with an insterted photograph. Text:] Victory in Burma. 14th Army men link up in Rangoon with the troops who landed from the sea.

[Side 2]
[Map of Europe. Text:] After the Link-Up. The unshaded areas on this map indicate the German "positions" in Central Europe as well as the disposition of their outlying garrisons in Scandinavia, France, Holland, The Channel Islands, etc, on sunday, April 29th, 1945.
[for more text see image]
[ Inserted photograph of the meeting of American and Russian Troops near the River Elbe:]

Drawn and issued by the Army Bureau of Current Affairs. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Fosh & Cross Ltd London. 51/2829


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