A page from a Dutch magazine with a cartoon about the relation between government and business, in this case the relation between president Woodrow Wilson and the American Steel Trust.

Image: The Steel Trust is depicted as a large thick, yellow figure that almost crushes the president who is portrayed as a humble gaunt figure.

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4-03-1913 to 4-03-1921 (estimated)
1914 (estimated)
230 x 289 mm

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Text on poster

De Majesteit der Trust van Wallstreet
"Wilson, Wilson, wat beteekent dat, wat zijn dat voor praatjes?"
"Zooals u zegt, edele Majesteit, het zijn slechts praatjes."

("Wilson, Wilson, what does that mean, what are these rumors?"
"As you say, noble Majesty, these are just rumors.")

Additional info

Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States from 1913 to 1921. In his first period Wilson attacked the trusts. He wanted to put an end to unfair practises of big companies and trust. This resulted in the Clayton Act of 1914.

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