Engraving on the Treaty of Utrecht that was signed in Utrecht on 26 June 1714 by plenipotentiaries of the King of Spain and the States General of  the Republic of the United Netherlands.
Image: Group of men standing around a table in a boarding room with in the front two figures that are shaking hands. At the left side there are two lackeys that are blowing trumpet.

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1714 (estimated)
204 x 178 mm


Text on poster

De 26 Iuny 1714, is tot Uytrecht de Vrede getekend, tussen de Plenipoteniarissen van den Kooning van Spanjen en de Staten Generaal.
Pax Trajecti ad Rhenum Signata est Oratores eum summa potestate missos a  Rege Hispaniarum, et Proceres Generalies, 26 Iunii 1714.
Pet. Schenk Exc.: Amst.C.Priv.

Additional info

The so called Treaty of Utrecht, comprises a series of individual peace treaties. Together they established the Peace of Utrecht. It put an end to the War of the Spanish Succession that started in 1701 because of a dispute for the Spanish throne.

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