Engraving on the Treaty of Breda, signed on 31 July 1667  by England, the United Provinces (Netherlands), France, and Denmark–Norway. This treaty brought an end to the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665–1667).
Image: A group of statesmen are standing behind a table. There are documents on the table with lead seal and a quill pen with an inkwell. The upper part of the engraving depicts goddess Nike on a cloud, holding a palm branch and a laurel, flanked by horn blowing angels.

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24-08-1667 to 24-08-1667
1667 (estimated)
245 x 262 mm


Text on poster

H. D'eeuwige gedenck-teekene

van de Engelse en Nederlandtse Oorlog en VREDE, gesloten tot Breda,  op den 31 Iulij, en geratificeert op den 24 Augusti, Anno 1667.

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