Poster that expresses Germany's fear for British bombing of their industrial plants from Belgium soil. Image: map of Germany's main industrial area. Around the map bombers and destroyed industrial plants are depicted.

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1917 (estimated)
590 x 820 mm

Text on poster

Deutschlands Schicksal in einem zukünfstigen Kriege wenn Belgien die Basis englischer Luftangriffe ist. Deutschlands Industrie wäre sofortiger Vernichtung preisgegeben. Hauptgebiete Deutscher Industrie. Hofbuchdruckerei Hermann Bergmann. Berlin SW48

[Translation: Germany’s fate in a future war, if Belgium becomes a base for English air attacks! German industry would be exposed to immediate annihilation. Zone of annihilation. Zone of destruction. Main German industrial regions. Court book printers Hermann Bergmann, Berlin SW. 48]

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