Page from a Dutch magazine with a cartoon about the 'neutrality' of the United States during World War I.

Image: The upper part shows president Wilson shaking hands with a [German] peasant while he secretly takes a weapon from another Wilson figure. The other part shows president Wilson with a steaming bowl of food. In the background figures from neutral countries holding empty bowls are depicted.

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1917 (estimated)
230 x 289 mm


Text on poster

De heer Gerard : "De crisis zijn wij te boven gekomen. De betrekkingen tusschen Duitschland en Amerika zijn nooit beter geweest dan thans."

"Amerika heeft het recht aan de volken levensmiddelen te verkoopen en zijne voortbrengselen naar hen uit te voeren."
"De neutralen behoeven er niet op te rekenen, dat de levensmiddelen toevoer op dezelfde wijze wordt voortgezet, indien zij verdere handelsbetrekkingen met de Centrale Mogendheden onderouden."

Sir Gerard : The crisis we have overcome. The relations between Germany and America have never been better. "
"America has the right to sell food to the nations and export it's products to them.""
"Neutrals need not count on the continuation of food supply in the same way, if further trade relations are maintained with the Central Powers."]

Additional info

Before entering the World War I, the United States had remained neutral, though they had been an important supplier of food to Britain and other Allied powers.

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