A German propaganda poster to warn against the red danger of Bolshevism.
Image:  On the left side of the image Bolshevism is depicted as a two-headed monster with a friendly and a cruel side that leaves a trail of death and destruction behind. A group of people follows this figure while pushing each other aside. Among the followers a skeleton is depicted with a red flag with the text "Terror und Bolsjewismus" and in the background a ruined and burning city.

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1918 to 1941
920 x 695 mm

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Text on poster

Terror und Bolschewismus. Die Jagd nach dem Glück.
Nach den preisgekrönten Entwurf von Prof. Hans Koberstein.
Herausgegeben von der Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung des Bolschewismus.  Berlin W 9 Schellingstr. 2

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