Poster published by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office containing the slogan ' Solidarity is at the heart of Europe'. Part of a series of posters to inform the public about the works of ECHO. Topic of this poster: Tajikistan - Access to clean drinking water.
Image: photograph of an
 old man standing  near a hand water pomp installed by ECHO.

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592 x 847 mm

Text on poster

Tajikistan - Access to clean drinking water
Solidarity at the heart of Europe! Montenegro!
ECHO Humanitarian Aid Office
European Commission

Additional info

ECHO has been present in Tajikistan since 1992, where it opened  an office in 1993, when it funded relief operations for the victims of  the civil war which caused a major humanitarian crisis. ECHO responded with  humanitarian funding mostly for projects in Tajikistan, and some in Kyrgyzstan. As of 2003, ECHO’s focus has shifted to disaster risk reduction under the DIPECHO programme, which was  gradually joined by all  countries of Central Asia.

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