Poster published by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office containing the slogan ' Solidarity is at the heart of Europe'. Part of a series of posters to inform the public about the works of ECHO. Topic of this poster: Timor - Street children of  Covalima.
Image: a photograph of  two smiling girls and a smiling boy. One girl  is waving, the other is stabbing up a thumb.

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2006 to 2012 (estimated)
2002 (estimated)
592 x 847 mm

Text on poster

ECHO. Solidarity at the heart of Europe!
Timor - Street children of  Covalima

Additional info

Seeking to leave behind its violent past, Timor Leste is focusing on reconstruction, development and reconciliation with the help of the international community. Since 1999, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) has provided emergency assistance to the most vulnerable victims of violence and in response to alarming levels of malnutrition.

In response to an outbreak of violence in 2006, ECHO funded projects which helped provide access to safe water and appropriate sanitation in the camps and transitional shelters, camp management, protection, health and child protection. It also supported the return and re-integration of the displaced after the violence abated.

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