Commemorative poster for World War I. The image covers the majority, with the title 'If ye break faith - we shall not sleep' integrated and positioned upper left, in black.  A lone soldier stands in a field of poppies, his head bowed as he looks down at a simple wooden grave cross. He holds his helmet in his left hand and has his rifle over his shoulder. In the background are the ruins of a house.

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1914 to 1918
941 x 565 mm

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Text on poster

If ye break faith - we shall not sleep

Additional info

The title of this poster is taken from a poem written by Dr. John McRae (1872-1918), a doctor serving in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. The poem, 'In Flanders Field', concludes with the lines

‘If ye break faith with us who die / We shall not sleep, though poppies grow / In Flanders fields’.

It was first published in Punch magazine in 1915 and is recited to this day at Remembrance Day ceremonies in Canada. John McRae died of pneumonia while serving on the Western Front in early 1918.

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